Do you feel bad from oversleeping?

I’ve been going to bed at 12am, falling asleep at 3amish and then waking at 12-1pm…

I’m desperate to wake up at 8 or 9am

It’s hard

I blame the meds; always makes me want to lie in.

Humans like other animals evolved to be awake when the Sun is out.

The more daylight exposure the healthier we are.

Also early daylight exposure means you fall asleep on time as well.


When i sleep at 22:00,
I wake up at 10:00.
When I sleep at 23:00,
I wake up at 11:00.
12 hours exactly.

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At least you’re waking up in the morning.

I still don’t know why APs are recommended…so many awful side effects

Low T and oversleeping is horrible. I don’t want to live like this.

Do your meds reduce your symptoms?

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Yes, they help tremendously

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Yeah I feel bad. If I get up at 11am or later it’s like missing oppertunities. The whole day gets out of whack. In the weekend its ok though.

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I’ve been known to go to sleep at 4pm and wake up next day at 11am. Anhedonia really sucks. I’m defiantly not promoting drinking alcohol but I can’t cope without it at the moment. I’m desperate to stop drinking.

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We’re all suffering. The FDA and Big Pharma need to try new molecules or an alternative to the d2 blockade.

I think different psychotropic drugs should be researched…they paused all the research decades ago cos of the anti hippie movement. Hopefully things pick up again. I heard ketamin is being used for ptsd.

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