Do you fall into self doubt?

I catch myself (often at work) doubting myself after I state my opinion on something. I usually save my opinions for the things that matter, and I try to be as diplomatic yet sincere as possible. Yet, even though I know what I’ve said is what I feel is morally right, I doubt myself and have anxiety over it for hours.

Does anyone else do this? Even if its in a situation not relating to work.

How do you “undo” this for yourself or ease the anxiety?


…im on xanax.


Just this past year I have a found that I am second-guessing myself a lot. It’s kind of what you are doing, it’s new to me. I’ll be doing a simple task at work, (most of my tasks are simple in my line of work as a janitor) like vacuuming, and I’ll finish but then I think, did I get every spot? And sometimes I’ll go back and do it over again even though I’m 90% sure I did a good job the first time around. Or stocking our janitors cart. I’ll put every tool and every cleaner on it and I’m 90% sure I got everything but I’ll just have this nagging doubt that I forgot something. Like I said, this problem is new to me but I’m working on not doing it anymore.


Actually, this has been a problem for me too.
I’ve been trying to find ways to ease the anxiety, but so far, no success.
I feel real discomfort after I had a conversation with somebody, esp. at work, but also with a friend or even my mother. And it lasts for hours, just like you.
I’ll tell you as soon as I find a good way.


I’m always like this, even here on this board. I’ll state something that I hope is neutral but then I worry about what I’ve said. I try and be supportive, but I know that my humor is a bit odd and then I’m self conscious about it for ages. I do edit a lot.

At work it’s a little easier because I have blue prints and drawings to back up what I want to say. Sometimes I worry about getting too opinionated with some of my college papers.

I try to avoid conflict so I do worry a lot about what I say to new people. My family knows me, so if something comes out odd, they know that I’m trying to be nice.


I doubt a lot. I doubt my intelligence, I doubt the quality of my work, I doubt things will get better and when I’m sure of something important and someone asks “are you sure” then I start to doubt.

I always feel like things are not going to work out and plan for the worst, but a lot of the time I am wrong.

I deal with it by trying to ignore my doubt and having a “wait and see” attitude, so I lost my aid for college, let’s look into other options, well this other college has the SAME policies will that disqualify me? Am I screwed? Probably but let’s give it a shot and get a concrete answer. Ok so it is possible to get into this other college, but will I be accepted? Should I even try? Yes, I have spent too many years worry about the what-ifs and talking about the should-dos. Now I am waiting to hear back but no matter what I will be in a college, even if paying out of pocket. Will I get my license that I am training for? Should I just quit before I’m in more student debt? No, if I wanted to give up then I would not be alive right now.

I have watched careers end before they began and each time it brings a crushing depression and such hopeless feelings, but you look into other options and figure something out. There are a million ways to move forward, find one and try and if/when it doesn’t work then do something else but always try.

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I am full of self-doubts and the odd thing is that my wife, whose IQ is barely normal, 35 points lower than mine, and by all rights should be very uncertain of herself, is very confident and I’ve never known her to doubt herself. The result is that she’s raised 3 good, personable, and successful children and had a 40 year career in home nursing which she loved, and is loved by everyone who knows her. Of course she’s not a person who has schizophrenia, but still… LoL

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