Do you experience a lot of anger/agitation after the onset of your schizophrenia?

I’ve been experiencing it, but I think it’s due to my lithium. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, and only once had angry thoughts. Now I’m irritated every day.

Can you all relate?

My anger comes as misguided emotions.

I had that forced speech and AP took it away.

Yeah the lithium might be causing the irritation.

Sorry to hear that.

I’d consult a doctor if you think it’s med related.

I’ve dealt with irritability in the past. Even as recently as a bad morning about a month ago. Just pissed off at the illness and nature of my experience. It’s no fun.

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Always feeling picked on… always misreading a situation… always feeing paranoid and anxious… always thinking my family was against me… head circus always telling me what a pieces of schit I was…

anger was putting it mildly…

After I get stable… I got referred to Anger management classes… and how to let go of things… how to identify what was really bothering me in a situation…

It helped…

So did meds… and counseling.


Franz Kafka did not want a legacy and asked his advisor or good friend to burn all of his works on his deathbed.

His friend did not do what he wished of him.

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In the 80’s they did a movie called, “The Fly” that was sort of a visual of what a person would be like an a type of insect or bug. It was actually well received, as was Kafka’s story about the cockroach.

Same with Emily Dickinson

Yeah, she was a hermit, who I believe mostly worked in the gardens. And even Whitman was brought to life way after his death.

Edgar Allen Poe died poor.

Yeah, he suffered and died bitter. Did you read his one about the heartbeat under the floor? I can’t remember the title. That is something everyone should read at Halloween.


I did, it was very good. Can’t recall the name either.

Were you English major?

Tell-tale heart (I looked it up) I had read that one before as well.


Yes! I’m sending that story out this year to my contacts.

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Me? English major? No. Psychology. But I do write poetry and short stories and read a lot. I’ve read some works by poets, like Poe, Plath, Kafka.

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