Do you expect to be liked by others?

Soon we won’t need food anymore. Just at least 8 likes received per day will be sufficient for our survival.


Not always, but in general I want people to like me.

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I think im more “tolerated” than liked. Ive ruined many a friendship with my sharp tounge. My nieghbour said the same, like me, she keeps to herself cos she can put her foot in it. She and I have a platonic understanding tho.

I’m not a real velociraptor, but I played one on TV.

Turns out people don’t like clever girls.

Especially small ones that bite.


In fact, I demand it!

You will love me or face my wrath! Learn of my peaceful ways, or die!


No, I like to be by myself actually. Want to be left alone, which seems harder than it is.

No I don’t think everyone is going to like me.

I dont think its who you are but the country and gov who people dislike , mostly.

I understand its a different culture or something

Fuk yeah !

D e m a n d I T

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I dont expect to be liked by anyone. I like all people that like me, can easily tell if people dislike or hate me and at the same time am not as quick to dislike or hate as much as most people.

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I dont expect it but it happens. I build rapport with people very easily.

Do you expect to be liked by others? Not at all necesarily
But I desire it. But only if they really honestly like me for who I really am.


Otherwise I don’t care

IRL very few people have liked me. I’ve always been something of a social misfit. Attempts to socialise more have never gone well.

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At an more advanced age i think this is not as big of an issue

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I appreciate your choice of words.

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What’s your reasoning behind such a remark?

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That you dont care anyway

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I’m quite asocial, so I don’t go out of my way to socialise. Especially as,as has been said before, attempts to do so have been failures to some degree or other. Generally speaking though those of advanced age want company as much as anyone else. They get lonely too.

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Dude you sound a bit depressed. Being around people is great! I think people are overall good. I do tend to be sensitive to social interactions though

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I’m too boring/intelligent/odd for the vast majority of people. Any one of those and you’re batting on a sticky wicket. With all three you’re well and truly f****d socially.

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