Do you expect to be liked by others?

That aint happening son.

Relationships? ■■■■ that :gun:

Dreams? Theyre gonna crush you

Problems? Theyre yours son


You big meanie dream crusher you :tired_face:

You just need a big smooch.

Heres a goat




Plenty of people do not like me but I just lift my tail high and keep spraying…or praying…or just keep living. Idk!



I only exist on the internet


Heres THE goat



Theres worse places man

Like a mental asylum

or my head :cold_face:

Find the skunk !

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Hey @littlecrocodal, welcome back,

For me,
I don’t have any expectations of others.

Everyone should be able to do their own thing
And that’s all.

Can’t force ppl to do things that they can’t know how to do or can’t cope with.

That goes for everyone imo, including me and you too Mr NotCrocodal

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I have already experienced some dislike by others for who I am and the country I come from. However, what we all share in common is this disabilitating disease that has negatively affected all the lives schizophrenia affects.


Littlemiss slothy ,

This is harder to do than said

To have no expectations of others?

This is my phone wallpaper lol

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Ahhhh that’s wonderful.

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Expectations of others or in general

Yes, it is ,thank you

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I don’t find it too difficult as I know how it feels when ppl place expectation on me. So I like to do how I want to be treated. And so not place expectations on ppl

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Freedom in a word

I expect little things but inside my mind i always make up scenarious which somethimes dont align with reality

Its bad when the scenarious cross the border from imagination to expectation . And thats how my expectations are made

My SZ self does not care
My what’s left of my human self does care.


I think biology has us chasing likes. Status is tied to reproduction in the biological sense. Meaning it used to ensure our species and personal lineage survived. I dont know if theres any use for the social status system anymore but maybe social media a good outlet to get our kicks from.

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Honestly, I don’t give it much thought. I do know sometimes people don’t like me.

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