Do you expect a lot from the guy upstairs?

I mean, God.

we have a tumultuous relationship.

you can delete if this is against the rules.

all things great, wonderful, terrible, suffering, death, and love!

There really is a randomness to it all, isn’t there?

Bad people win the Lottery…good people die young…etc.

But I still believe in Karma to a certain extent. That is to say, the good you do today will come back to you in spades tomorrow.

I think this is the right approach.

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I’d like to believe that too.

I wasn’t thinking about it at the time, but all my community service.

huh? it never really paid off, but maybe it did, in ways for my kids.


Oh, and I’ll send you that picture of my daughters later today @Daze.


I just want answers


My uncle who’s been a good man his whole life has esophageal cancer. A guy I used to work with’s 5 year old kid died of leukemia. And everyone prayed for that boy. He died anyway. A very nice lady I worked with died suddenly due to complications of gastric bypass surgery


I regret though, in my published book, asking, Why?

I don’t think you should ever ask that.

all things, really.

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Here’s a question:

Why do people have to battle addiction?

It makes for a tragic life. Tbh I’m addicted to food I guess. I would be pretty if I weren’t fat. (I’m not fishing for compliments here)

out of emotional pain?

I’m not sure. I eat a lot of ice cream,
it’s like a reward I give me.


You could be right. I was in deep pain for a long time.

I didn’t trust men cos I thought they all cheat and the only thing I was worthwhile for was what sex I could give them.

So my first real bf in example I didn’t want to have sex with him but I did anyway cos I wanted him to love me. He still ended up dumping me. (After he met my dad)

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been there.

sorry to hear. Men are all hell!

ha. no offense to the male readers. ha.

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I think men are hardwired to be sexual anyway in general. (Before someone flags me I’m not saying all men on the planet)


It’s about primal instincts. Survival of the fittest. The strongest males can mate and grow a family.

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Exactly. People need to be sexual or the human race would die out

As far as im concerned “the guy upstairs” is a malevolant arsehole.

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Loke, well, my step-dad is a great guy!

he saved all of us.

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When I had deep pain in my heart this song helped me process it:

Maybe it will help you

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Very sad song. I love piano music. You can tell when im depressed cos i annoy the neighbours with pink floyd :slight_smile:


My sister likes Pink Floyd. I’m only familiar with one of their songs. Can’t think of it’s name but in the music video the Native American boy jumps off a cliff and flies. I think he flies.

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