Do you excuse yourself for things you've done while psychotic?


If my becoming psychotic was the result of a deliberate decision on my part to not take meds, then I am responsible for the consequences. Sort of like how I’m responsible for whatever happens if I drive while intoxicated because it was my decision to put myself in that state in the first place.

If I was to become psychotic through no fault of my own (i.e., not the result of a decision I had made), I would not blame myself for anything that happened while I was ill.


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@velociraptor Thank you for that…

A lot of my psychosis when I was young… yes was triggered by this illness, but amped up do to my heavy drug and alcohol use and my unwillingness to even try and take my meds… I have a very hard time facing my past.

But some of the recent glitches and problems… I’m having an easier time forgiving myself.

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