Do you ever worry about the future economic state of where you live?

I’m most likely going to be renting for life now.

It means I will depend on the government for help when I retire as opposed to having bought a flat.

The whole house buying thing I don’t think I can manage that. With my fragile mental health and such.


Now I’m trying to find a way to have confidence that the money I receive when I’m retired is sufficient.

Or at least that I can adapt to whatever my situation will be when I retire.

Because I like to feel safe where I live in my elderly years.

Especially with things such as covid and the variants and whatnot. Regarding the economic status of the country.

All the time 151515

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I also wonder if I save up for retirement, hoping to supplement a pension and whatnot, that things will be okay.


The government rules tend to change.

What if when I retire the fact that I have good savings will significantly reduce government help.

I don’t know if it is even worth saving up money for retirement then.

Instead just enjoy the money now that I make.

Especially seeing as my work would contribute to a state pension anyway.

it is probably good to have some savings but not go extreme about that

Although my parents own 2 and a half homes and have some money and investments I’m worried that my lack of skills could possibly hurt me as the young kids who are learning coding and all this computer stuff at such a young age will grow up and enter the workforce and people like me will become phased out of the workforce. I’m terrible with technology but I also feel I will be forced to adapt if the jobs drastically change and I think I am crafty enough to survive but in the back of my mind I do think about being phased out of the workforce

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I’m looking for a management position at the hotel I got hired at . I’d be decent if I moved up

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If you don’t have skills or a degree you have to just start from the bottom.

I have a degree, but haven’t worked in years,

So I’m considering jobs that are paying very little, yet seem interesting.

Like candlemaker and assistant beekeeper ( actual jobs I applied for ).

Who knows, you could find your skill.

But looking for a management position right off the bat is a bad idea.

You need experience for that.

Also, what does your parents having money have to do with anything?

Aren’t you in your thirties?

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Yea it sounds weird I’m in my thirties but I’m talking about hopefully many years from now inheriting a home hopefully.

I got hired a few days ago I’m a valet at a large hotel I was talking about eventually moving up. They have training programs and classes to move into a management position.

I wouldn’t count on inheriting anything.

I mean, that’d be nice, but my parents just surprised my sister and I by selling off our inheritance to have a better retirement.

More power to them, it’s their ■■■■ anyway,

I’m just saying don’t count on other people’s money.

And getting in a training program is a good idea.

Maybe in a while you could move up from being a valet.

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Your right though about finding my skill . A lot of times your life changes and I could find something that suits me perfectly and pays really well. I’ve been working in hospitality for a long time. Tipping is going to disappear eventually and I’m weighing my options

Yea that’s true about inheriting . I don’t count on other peoples money either I was just saying it is a possibility that could happen. I am very close to my mom and hope she sticks around forever anyway. The future is always uncertain anyway

That’s what I want. There are places where elderly people get preyed on.

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I don’t care. I probably won’t inherit any money anyways either…

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Yes. We have a good welfare system and a good economy, but I’m still worried. There’s climate change, there’s Russia and China, there’s the rise of fascism and right-wing extremism… I think you’d have a good reason to be worried no matter where in the world you live.


The sad thing is if I really did create bitcoin (crazy delusion at this point), I have no skills to provide for myself. I don’t know C++ or anything and cannot write computer programs that are even basic. I mean all the skills were taken from me and I have no proof or money. Right now, it’s just spam right now. Maybe it was aliens, cloning, or government…

But I have no money and I’m really really ■■■■■■ up and depressed in the head.

The sad thing about psychosis is it could be real, but it’s probably not. I remember some of it. Alien mind control perhaps? 30,000 lines of code. Feels like a parallel universe or another dimension or time period. Sorry to go all ‘unsual beliefs’ on you guys, just feel like I need help…

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Also communism and socialism. Forgot about that one…

What is wrong with socialism?

Every western country is socialistic to an extent.

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Really? And where is that a problem? In China, which is now a capitalist dictatorship? In Russia, which is now a capitalist soon-to-be dictatorship? In Cuba or North Korea, two failed dictatorships?

Communism is dead and socialism doesn’t mean what you think it means.

I don’t believe in it. Maybe some do. We’re becoming Socialistic in America and I assume it’s going to bankrupt us eventually and weaken us as a nation. I like capitalism…

Maybe I should be more ‘socialistic’ though. I think or believe socialism will lead to communism and then destruction…perhaps, I’m wrong…