Do you ever wish that your doctor was available 24/7?

I do but I have learned to cope without her. Have you ever seen the movie with Bill Murray called What about Bob? I just remembered this movie.


I scanned this topic at first and thought you asked if you wish your pdoc was edible.


Yes, it would be convenient sometimes. Generally I don’t need it, but it is much more difficult to contact pdoc directly than I would like.


I agree @Bowens . My Pdoc is not available evenings and has a three day weekend. I would have to schedule an appointment to speak with her in-depth.

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My pulmonologist sent me my ct scan results today. My appointment isn’t until Thursday but this thing says the nodule I had is better but I have more of them and says I have arthritis of the spine, a cyst in my liver, gallstones and some kind of gastrointestinal reflux.

Really wish he wouldn’t of sent that to me on a Saturday and not until I could talk to him about it.

I don’t see the PDoc very often anymore. Only twice a year. Don’t really need him much. My meds aren’t charging.

I hate that too @TomCat. The waiting for test results or to meet with your doctor to discuss the test results.

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I just use the ER.

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Bwaaahaahaa. We’d just be happy to have ambulances available 24/7 where I live.


The province of Alberta. Right now. This is the Canadian health care that everyone here thinks is awesome. No, there’s no bill after you get treated. The trick is getting treatment before you die.


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