Do you ever think this?

Today when we came back from shopping in town this guy opened the back door of our van, and two gallons of milk I’d bought came tumbling out and landing on the ground. They didn’t break, thank goodness, but my immediate thought was that this guy deliberately placed my milk there so they would come tumbling out. I was pretty angry for a while. Do you ever think people are ■■■■■■■ with you in some nasty way that you can’t catch them at? I do that a lot. If I have trouble on my computer I always think someone is stalking me and messing with me on my computer. Has anyone ever had the same kind of suspicions?


Someone is messing with my stuff, slashed tires , broken stuff, computers crashing, goes on and on and witnessed by others, add schizophrenia to the mix and it drives you to the verge of insanity and stress levels that are off the charts and a illness all it’s own.
Pdoc’s answer you need more meds, no one will deal with the larger problem

yeah - me too. It is extreme trust issues I guess. I doubt everybody - everything - all the time.
It is kinda triggered by alll the false delusions we have.

What I do is always expect good from people and believe in good in people when situations like this happen.

@cherie, ive have a similar problem with the trust issues. When i was in my teenage years people would tell me stuff alot (facts) and then id find out later on they were wrong. So i dont know what to believe and what not to believe anymore and it kind of sucks

I often wonder if its ocd

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I think it is related to paranoia ?

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Damn actually thats on point… hmm well damn idk what to do about it… it seems like my meds never helped my paranoia or delusions at any point.

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It is easy to lose touch with reality on this one. It seems to be a comfortable delusion to have.

Yeah… But it causes me alot of anxiety in social situations. I also dont believe it when people give me compliments about something unless i already feel good about it myself. For ex: somebody tells me im a good singer i dont believe them…

I’d blame it on carelessness before I would blame it on someone deliberately doing it @crimby maybe you should tell your pdoc about it?

I think I’ll just drop it. It wasn’t that serious.

I have all kinds of issues, especially with paranoia …

I wouldn’t know, people are people, things happen and things don’t happen.

I end up bothering myself with my own thinking as such,
it was most likely just a mistake, and would not even have to be put in thought since the milk was fine, but I wind up thinking elaborately deep into the simplest things.

Thats one of my delusions. That their is a vast conspiracy by everyone to make me think im crazy and i can’t trust anyone. It was the cause of my psychotic break last year as well as not taking my meds. I thought someone was vandalizing our home in small ways to drive me insane, and tampering with my car, etc. I thought someone was out to make me feel crazy, i had not accepted my diagnosis at the time yet and was completely delusional with debilitating paranoia. Got to the point where i was walking my property at night with my shotgun and spotlight to check for people in the trees and on roofs. Got the cops called on me more than a few times. After awhile i got put on Invega and the delusions faded. Im still not sure if there was actually any real vandalism or tampering or whether it was all hallucinations, my memory is spotty and damaged due to the trauma of the psychosis. I try not to dwell or read into things too much and not to obsess about small coinsidences now in fear of going down the rabbit hole again. Ive just moved on from it all and try to tell myself that im just not that important for everyone to be out to get me.