Do you ever suspect that normies who treat us fairly are just humouring us?

What I mean is, they act nice and friendly, but secretly they think very lowly of us. Maybe I just have a personal bias, but it seems like most people are too willing to be dishonest in the name of being polite. I sometimes wonder if the kind and accepting demeanour that the people who know I have schizophrenia show me, is just an act. I sometimes also wonder if most of the psychiatrists I’ve gone to have secretly seen me as someone who needs to be “managed” more than helped. Does anyone else ever get this feeling?


Yes, definitely. It’s a reason why I don’t like to tell anyone (outside of people with similar/the same conditions, doctors, etc) about my diagnoses.

I think only a portion of people act like that. What bothers me more than that though is pity. I prefer contempt to pity.

I think most people mean well but it does come across as either pity or they don’t know how else to act.


Well, it’s the next best thing to real respect. Sometimes I force people to respect me but they forget about it and I forget about it.

I co-exist with them fine. My employers are aware of my health conditions. I got promoted over other normies by normies. I’m compensated fairly. I have friends who are normies and we get along well in the areas where we share interests.

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My dad thinks lowly of me because of my illness, oh he’s nice to me before my face but once he turns away I know he thinks that I’m nothing. My two brothers ones a high executive at a tv station and the other one an electrical engineer are the pride of my dad’s life. I’m just the one with schizophrenia.

I think this applies to healthcare professionals mostly

Whatever maybe their mood is like of that moment, their intent at some point of their career was to help people struggling, so I wouldn’t worry😶

I have a few people who are nice and true to me. But I recognize what you say, in some people.

I’m not sure if it’s the disease.
I’m not sure if regular people understand schizophrenia.
Probably because when you try and explain hearing voices, people think it’s just like hearing a television.

You can turn the television off, even change the channel; however, with my schizophrenia, I can’t change the channel or turn it off; even with medication.

Although, if I put it in other terms, a leukemia patient, could explain leukemia, but that probably doesn’t mean I understand what it’s like having leukemia.

I do know, with the disease of schizophrenia / schizoaffective, it has paranoia.
Paranoia is probably the reason people think other people are treating us better than they want, because we have schizophrenia / schizoaffective.

The medication can help with paranoia, which is a part of our disease, which effects or affects the way people perceive us, with the disease.


Yes, part of paranoia is thinking people are against you and they don’t really like you.

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Thank you everyone, this helps me gain some insight into this idea of mine.

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