Do you ever see keep away signs?

I just feel so low when I feel unwelcome. it’s not just like a burden, its like a keep away sign that I see flashing (figuratively).

do you ignore them?


I feel like you’re telling me to keep away. I’m a bad girl. I deserve to be a schizophrenic. My meds are tripping me out. Judy I love your positive ways. I’ve always thought you were together. I’m so darn needy. I’m having a strange episode. I have the sometimes. Its like I need to yell and express myself so bad. I’m being followed again. They treat me like a toy. They follow me because they know it drives me crazy and they want me to leave town return to my home town. I even think my family is in on it. See they think I’m a bad person but don’t want to talk about it. I don’t even want to talk about it. Writing this nonsense actually makes me feel better. I feel like I have the power to express my madness here.

i don’t feel keep away signs at all. i am invited places a few times but don’t always go. i should though. i need to b more involved in the world i think. stick a smile on and go for it. everybody reacts well to a smile judy. xxx

thanks for your replies. judy

I feel unwelcome sometimes. When I’m strong I push those thoughts away. When I’m not strong a go away myself. But often it is just thoughts messing with you. You are welcome here. I hope you are welcome everywhere.

I have one friend who always welcomes me. We have talked on the phone in the middle of the night. But sometimes voices tell me she doesn’t like me. You have to push those voices and fears aside.

That happens to me. I have a friend back in my life and he’s been reaching out and coming over and dropping by to say hello. Sometimes my voices will try to tell me that I’m just his charity case or he’s just doing this for some other motive. I’m too slow or stupid or what ever to have a friend.

I have to fight that one down hard. It’s not all the time. It’s not as persistent as it used to be. But once in a while the voices will amp up and I have to fight them down and go meet my friend like I promised.

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It’s a constant struggle but I hope I will be the stronger one and win this “war”.

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