Do you ever put off important things?

Things that could potentially affect your life in a negative way?
I hate not having motivation.

Please send good thoughts/prayers that I will hear soon about the 2 bedroom apartment for people with mental illnesses.

Life can be so scary and difficult.


I hope you get it

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Take the first step. It’s the hardest but you can get through it.

Make a list of things to do and tick them off. It can be hard. It really can but sometime you can make the choice to fight. I chose to fight long ago. Just wish I did it ten years sooner! :slight_smile:

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All the time. I’m a terrible procrastinator but somehow things get done.

Scary and difficult are my middle name. It’s common in my life.

(Wait a minute, that’s two middle names, can I have two middle names?)

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I’m also a procrastinator, but I feel like it gives me something to do as I do it all at once, instead of in increments. Hope you find your flow with your goals.

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