Do you ever hear a song that makes you feel unwell

Yet you just keep playing it?

I think this one’s messing with me a bit (making me feel religious) but I need to listen to it at the same time. My initial interpretation was that it could be about being molested by God but that’s a very personal one…

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Good if I need to throw up after 10 beers. Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse. Don’t mind yours.

Can definitely see where you’re coming from with that one, I don’t think it’s possible to listen to it at an appropriate volume lol

Haha can agree on that one.

I also … like???.. this one, this artist makes me feel like my head’s full of bees usually but this one’s tamer than usual:

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Actually the song Unwell makes me meloncholic. Still love it.


That song is catchy. Video makes me feel a bit much haha.

@anon4362788 I can see that, it’s one of those songs are unfortunate to relate to but in a way that makes them precious… Although for no apparent reason I feel that way about Take Me Home, Country Roads

@WildBandicoot I’ve never watched the video all the way through because … there’s a lot of it lol


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