Do you ever have trouble swallowing your meds

I tried 10 times they got stuck on my tongue. I’m now scared of trying to swallow them.

Only with big pills like omega 3. When I used Sarcosine the pill was huge hard to swallow.

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I find putting more water in the mouth with the pill helps with swallowing


All the time with my clonazepam, it’s chalky and dissolves as soon as it hits your tongue too long, it get’s stuck on the roof of my mouth and in my throat.

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Could you try the melting wafers such as olanzapine or similar forms for other medications? I take the olanzapine wafers at bedtime.

Mine come shaped in a cylinder unfortunately.

I never used to have trouble swallowing handfuls of pills. I do now though.

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I sometimes have trouble swallowing my pills
I noticed this is happening as I age.

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The paliperidone 6mg pills get caught in my throat because they are so small

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