Do you ever fight back?

When you hear the voices do you ever tell them to do evil things or try to project into the delusions like the delusions do to you?

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When I have voices I fight physically with my brothers and destroy walls, glass and electronics. I think my brothers are stealing my life energy.

Im sorry to hear that have never had a physical altercation while I had voices but I found with myself if I fight back and call them names it gets better for me, just wondering if anyone else does this.

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I do. When my voices are depressed, I say they can go and kill themselves. They say the same to me.

I tell them to ■■■■ off, and they reply "go ■■■■ yourself too

Yes, I do that, but they fight back even harder.

I used to a lot… I don’t much anymore… realized it doesn’t help and they aren’t real… sometimes it is really hard not to say something back though…

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