Do you ever feel scared of speaking about delusions for fear of them happening?

Im having the hardest time trying to convey my feelings to my girlfriend, I just have issues I can’t really speak of for fear of fate and ‘jinks’ it


I get that at times… Mostly it’s hardest to talk about the intrusive thoughts

I try to not talk about the worst as ppl will be scared of me and will stay away from me. Anyways its all past now since I am stable on meds.

I don’t talk about my unusual beliefs anymore. It just seems like a waste of time.

On a slightly more sinister note, I know one person in real life who would simply use them against me anyway.

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I get that a lot. I believe if I talk about things they come true and it’s terrifying sometimes. Especially when I try to talk to others about things.

I used to have this problem.

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Yes, I do. But I’m getting better.

yes that happens to me

Yes I’m afraid to talk about if

Yes! I thought this only happened to me.