Do you ever feel paranoid about real people in your life finding out your profile on here

Now that I am working I am scared that my employer will somehow find out about my profile on here and see all of the weird questionable posts that I posted and all of my pictures hopefully there’s no way they can track me because I haven’t mentioned the company’s name


Hmmm the old me would have been horrified if anyone I knew in real life found me here, but new me with no secrets doesn’t care so much anymore.

Also I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to fire someone for a disability as long as they are going into work and doing their job.


Anna do u work or have a job…

Yeah I work in a lab.


I am already convinced the whole world watches everything I do so I don’t worry about anyone finding out I am on here. Everyone already knows.


Nope, Im pretty careful about not posting anything too personal. and I dont post photos

Yeah like they don’t already. so why should I care, kinda nice to see the global scheme of how cuckoo this world really is,
and how close it sits in my backyard.

I do worry, but really not doing anything that could stir up any trouble, Just the mental Illness itself could cause some grief I guess.

Yes. I’m horrified someone will find out about my illness through this site. That’s why I’m very careful with what I post on here.

Well I try to anonymise people I may refer to in posts. I don’t keep photos of myself up long if I post them at all. I do post a lot of pictures of my kitten Tiggy and refer to him by his real name so that could be tracked.

I’m not too worried about anyone finding me out here. I’m pretty open and honest with my family and they all know I post here. And I’m fairly open and honest with my team leader at work too, I might now go into as explicit details as I do here with her personally, but I’m not too worried about anything I’ve posted here.

I don’t care if anyone finds out I’m using this forum. I’ve nothing to hide or be ashamed of…

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Yes I have people follow me and watch me - my husband has even seen weird things. It’s been happening for maybe 4 years. 2 different groups. I am afraid they have gotten to my email and Google accounts despite all my efforts.

Yes, I worry about my therapist or psychiatrist finding out.
Wouldn’t be a pretty picture.


Yes I do worry about my psychiatrist finding out because I don’t know that he really supports me using this site. I’ve spoken to him about it before, but on both occasions he wasn’t impressed.

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I think the site would get a big boost for all mental illness stigma

if we were allowed to use our own names.
Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, most all use your own name now.

Gone are the days that someone would track you down in real life
because of an online presence.

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I had a cyber-stalking incident where someone tried to use knowledge of my profile here to threaten me to back off from a complaint against a bad teacher in my child’s school years back. This was a friend of the teacher. It backfired badly on them both, but I have since made a point of not putting links to my real world identity out in the public nor do I post my pic on here now. Why make life easier for people who will try to hurt you?

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nomad; if your employer judges you by your posts here, instead of your job performance, then that’s on him.

you’re a good guy


I don’t think it would have made a difference if you supplied your real name

In fact guises that cover only do more secret meanderings

It’s different when it happens to you. Trust me on that.


I know Pixel but you are in disguise then find out they know about you

let them come to your face! They are weasels anyway, not you