Do you ever feel like

You’re being followed?

The same person shows up everywhere you go? Won’t leave you alone?


It’s really creepy. Feel harassed.


I had many persecution delusions in the past. These days I’m very vigilant about my surroundings, but haven’t noticed an actual person following me. Some days, I feel that several old neighbours know where I live, and may harass me…the threat is there.

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Are you talking about a real person or a visual hallucination?

I never felt like I was being followed or stalked or anything like that in real life by an actual person. Once when I was 12 years old I was walking home from school with a girl and she followed me all the way to my house, then showed up at my door in the morning to walk to school with me, at first I thought that was odd but turned out she had a crush on me. But she was cool and cute and ended up being my first french kiss, lol. That is the only time anything remotely close to what you are talking about happened to me.

However when it came to my psychosis that was a different story. I did have this one auditory hallucination that I felt like it would enter my head and say things and would know what I was up to. I didn’t feel like it was present all the time but would show up when it wanted too. I felt like it was stalking me at times. THAT creeped me out. It’s been gone since I started taking meds.

If it becomes a serious problem call the police.

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Yes. I keep telling my wife she’s being creepy, but she won’t stop.

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Welcome back @fractaled
Missed you!

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