Do you ever do this?

Do you ever think about/ or actually just stop taking your meds. i do that. sometimes because i feel like theyre poison or mind control stuff. and sometimes i think im not mentally ill . or that im not valid if im not suffering…this might be part of my borderline pd but i dont know

I’ve done it a couple of time, with never a good ending

I used to all the time. For years. On then long enough to think I’m fine, go if, get put back in the hospital, back in meds. Rinse and repeat. For years. Now I mostly stick to taking them.

Tried it 4 times, worked once, all with pdocs help

I tried it over and over. Once with pdocs help when I was in remission, and other times I just relapsed and sometimes got hospitalised for it. I have the urge to do it again - to prove to myself I am not a fake, that I’m real. its crazy i know. But staying on meds for hubbys sake bcuz if i get sick again he will suffer and I don’t want to hurt him.

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Same. Mrs. Pixel will toss my arse out of the house if I ever do that to her again. Me off meds for a long time never turns out well.

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