Do you enjoy

Do you enjoy listen to music or not? It was always like that?


Yes, but my music tastes are way different. I used to be into 80s stuff and metal even. Now, it’s just trance like hours a day.

I live for music!!!



I am forever happily stuck in the 60’s and 70’s


I love music. Sometimes I avoid new ones because I feel jealous and angry I can’t make music. LOl

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The chat room I go to has a music station thats good.

I have a bit of a fantasy about getting some retro broadcasting kit and running an online station using only the tech from that period playing the music from that period.

Edit: @Cindy10 check this out:

That’s the man cave a friend of mine in Texas has. Needless to say, I’m rather jealous.



I’ve always loved music

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Oh my goodness! I’m jealous too!!
That’s a studio to be proud of‼️
Music has gotten me thru so many times where otherwise I think I would have just dried up and blown away.
Love listening to reel to reel it really takes you there where you love to be. The good old days for sure.

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My poor studio is in pieces for at least another month and I’m down to one automation PC for my station that I hope doesn’t bork in the next week as the primary system is now packed. Man, I hate moving.

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I have to be in the mood for music now. seems it is hard to find pleasure in anything anymore

I hate moving too. I really feel for you on that.
My brother had a radio station once but it was a long time ago and I don’t remember why he quit doing it.
But just think you’d be the DJ and play all your favorite songs. You could also do a radio talk show about music or musicians or anything you like

My station right now is new pop (lots of unknown Indie stuff), a bit of Top 40, some dance, and retro remixes. No commercials and not much talk. It’s the station I personally wanted to listen to and couldn’t find. So I created it. Not the cheapest hobby, but it’s fun. Blows me away that I 've got 350,000 listeners a month. Honestly never thought I’d have more then ten.


WOW that is impressive for real! That’s the good thing about it when you have your own station it can be anything your heart desires

Damn thats alot !! Congrats

I studied music in college without much of a plan for my future. A professor once told me - if you study music, you’ll hate it. That’s because it’s a lot of jump when the boss says jump and you really forget that it’s music making at all. But I love to hear from all the folks who appreciate it.

I was a DJ on an internet radio station for two and a half years

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What’s fun is driving downtown Pittsburgh in the middle of the night listening to the 24 hour no commercial Jazz station.

Lately yes, I enjoy music again. A few months ago, I couldn’t listen to music

I like listening for awhile and then I don’t for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure what’s up with that