Do you eat poorly? --- Yes --Somewhat -- no I eat healthy

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“And its complex - as other people have noted - people who have schizophrenia area also more likely to smoke, not exercise much, eat poorly, be overweight”

I eat a less healthy diet now than when my wife was alive and well and doing the cooking. Don’t have much fruit and veg.

My sis cooks for me… I think that is what helps me eat healthy. I’m learning how to cook.

I eat the right foods lots of fruit and veg, walk 40 min every day
I allow myself wholemeal bread every day with butter
And I always have hot chocolate made on milk

I try to calculate my diet

I have been eating healthier lately, lower carb, some veggies and eating less and drinking plenty of water.

I also have been walking for at least 30 minutes a day if not more.

I lost some significant weight - I am kind of proud of myself :smile:


I can cook to a basic level(nothing too fancy or complicated) but find that motivation is an issue. Ditto menu planning and ordering ingredients- I find it hard to plan and organise.

I eat a cereal in the morning and I get a balanced cooked meal for lunch. Late afternoon is the problem when I normally eat a sandwich or take away.

I eat a generally healthy but very high protein diet, so some saturated fat and cholesterol works its way in with the protein, but I workout so intensely that I counter it and have normal blood work results routinely.

For example, today I have had a bowl of shredded wheat with peanut butter, milk and whey protein, four shots of espresso, two bananas and now am drinking a big canned green tea before hitting the gym.

Gotta amp up my leg day. It is now going to six plates on each side, ten sets of ten reps, 1-2min rest intervals. It’s been five and a half plates for too long. About to go do that in like half an hour with my lifting buddy. I have new lifting buddies so often- friends either stop working out or are in town for short periods of time. I lifted hella hardcore with two of my friends at that insane powerlifting gym in winter and spring of 2013-2014. Now I do volume training, no powerlifting, I had my run with that and achieved my goals. Now I just like to be big. I used to be smaller but ridiculously powerful, like “he must be on juice” powerful. My shrink ordered a blood test twice after watching a video of me setting a personal record.

Wait I got derailed again. This always happens.

You know, I really like Eminem.

I only eat junk food and never work out. Luckily I’m only fat and not obese yet. I was watching a show last night called my 600 pound life. When I realized that they are effectively crippled it made me want to go for a walk and lose some weight. I’ve been meaning to lose weight, but I haven’t put much effort into it. After going for only a 30 minute walk on a treadmill at home, I’m all sore all over, and I think my tendons are too. I’m so out of shape. While I was in college I was thinner, could walk for miles a day, and ate healthy. When I dropped out and came home, I became a couch potato.

I gained over 140 pounds after the first year of diagnosis. To this day, I haven’t been able lose much weight. These days I try to eat a little better. I’ve lost about 20 pounds but often regain it when I have a bad week of eating after a good month of it. About 10 years ago I used to jog at least a mile daily. Nowadays I find it difficult to find the willpower to even go for a walk. There have been months when I walk over 5 miles daily. Unfortunately not this month. May seem slightly off topic but I notice you mentioned cardiac risk factors and metabolic syndrome. I think it has much to do with being sedentary for so long. I have kept a better diet this month so far but I cannot say I always eat healthy. I should start exercising even if it is just going for a walk more in addition to eating better portions. That may help my physical health (which affects mental health). I have read that the oil based soluble injection form medications I have been on latch on to fat cells to improve their long lasting effect not to mention the feeling i’d get of never quite feeling full. It is no secret a common side effect of these medications are weight gain. Still, they are there to help not to be detrimental. I finally quit smoking cigarettes about 3 months ago.

I should eat better portions and get more exercise. I read an article that mentioned a gluten free diet helped some people dealing with schizophrenia show improvement. Haven’t researched that much, not sure if gluten is the biggest problem. I think sugar and salt intake are. Regarding the stomach, (though not exactly anything to do with eating habits) I wonder how many of us had stomach ulcers, gastritis, and/or irritable bowel syndrome before or after diagnosis. One article I read mentioned that a bacteria in the stomach was linked to those who developed schizophrenia. I am not sure if there is truth to that but when I do not eat for a day I generally start to decline mentally. Same with sleep, I think that may be true for everyone though. Maybe more so for us sufferers.

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Whilst I do not eat junk food I would not say I ate healthily. I am on a high protein low carb diet to lose weight.

Edit: Though I did drink five pints of Guinness after work last night.

I do not smoke and I exercise,but my diet is kind of poor actually…

Yes, so poorly.
Even with my eating disorder I eat nothing but junk food. I would love to eat healthy, but I choose not too. Not sure why.
I’m petite/thin, but incredibly out of shape. Like walking upstairs to my room makes me winded.
I don’t really care, I have other things to worry about:)

Eating poorly?

Is that a joke?

I eat poorly and try to fool myself into thinking that I’m eating healthy. I eat a lot of processed foods. Lots of salt, sugar, etc…I drink LOT’S of water, spiked with lime or lemon though. Keeps my weight down.

The cruel joke was unintended.