Do you eat fast food?

The only fast food I like is shawarma, but fast food in general like mcdonalds and such are so popular right now I haven’t the faintest idea why enlighten me? Especially these new ordering apps, apparently it makes it even easier to have a heartattack

Yes, I have been eating a lot of Taco Bell and Chinese food lately. I would also like to know what shawarma is.

As far as Mcdonalds I like there two for one pies. Right now they have the pumpkin and creme ones.

IT seems like Amercanized Greek food. What is the difference between greek and shawarma?

I believe shawarma is Arabic not Greek

I’m too slow to eat food that’s fast.

I eat Taco Bell ocassionally like maybe every other week. I used to love Mcdonalds and and Wendys but I just cant do it anymore. It makes me feel weird. Would you count take out as fast food? I eat a good amount of take out like sandwiches (not subway) or thai. And its popular because its cheap.

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