Do you eat candies

I do eat candies sometimes, primarily salmiak candies. I do not like chocolate.

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I’m afraid I do so love that Chocolate. I don’t eat it very often, But I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like, except chocolate cheese, that was pretty strange.

Ok, what exactly is a Salmiakki? I’m always willing to try something new.


Oh I love those salty liquorice sweets, in South Africa we call them soutedroppies (or in Dutch zoutedroppies) - ‘salt drops’

Interesting sounding. I wouldn’t be afraid to try it.
The best part about working all over Europe was going into the little grocery stores and not knowing the language well enough to understand what things were inside the package, then picking out some thing to try based on the picture or color or the writing. Gosh that was so fun.
Sometimes I go to our local Asian market and pick something out for fun to try.