Do you drink?

Do you drink at all to suppress the illness?

I find I tend to forget about the voices and enjoy myself amongst friends and family when we have a drink.



Only caffeinated beverages, which makes the “voices” a lot worse. It takes the pain away in the short run. Doesn’t do ■■■■ in the long run at all.

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I drank too much when I drank.


Amen to that, bruh. Don’t miss that life. Here’s to another 24.



I still enjoy a drink when out with friends and family. I tend to stick to mid strength beer and I don’t drink to get drunk. These days I’m into getting fit and losing weight and alcohol is wasted calories mostly so I am drinking way less.

It’s one of those things. Lots have problems with it and if your waking up every morning and thinking about a drink then I’d suggest it’s time to stop.


When I was young I drank a lot. In the last 23 years maybe had a drink a week. Recently alcohol makes me instantly sick so I can’t drink at all anymore. I don’t miss it at all.

I drank and partied a lot in college. Then the voices happened, and drinking only made them louder

So I had to stop. It was tough but Im done with it

My symptoms are so bad right now I sometimes can’t say no to a beer or to taking a Klonopin. I take it as a sign of weakness.

I drink but I enjoy making and experimenting with new cocktails! They have such a wide variety of liquors and liqueurs that I love coming up with new concoctions! Especially during mojito season!

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Well, I wouldn’t think it was a sign of weakness.

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For me, it’s a sign of weakness. When I’m doing well, I have no addictions.

I used to drink, but it is very hard on your body when you mix alcohol with our med’s. The sickest and weakest I have ever been was when I was drinking heavily and on med’s.

I’m always going to have that addiction. It’s working my program and sharing with my AA family that keeps me doing well enough that I don’t have to succumb to it in this 24 hours. Alcohol is just as “cunning, baffling, and powerful” for me today as it was when I put the plug in the jug over 27 years ago. I’ve seen enough people slip over the years that I’m not taking booze for granted.

This is how I roll now:


So that’s not a White Russian?


Hells to the no:



From time to time I go to the movie theater and there is a mini bar there. If the movie is to boring I get jack daniels and get a little buzzed to make the movie better. LOL

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I’m drinking right now.

Seems I can’t handle full time work (big shock). I’m going down to work three days a week now. Just worried how I am going to pay the bills. Should be better for my mental health though.

Drinking makes things much worse for me, I am having a hard time learning that lesson. Don’t follow my lead here.

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When I had voices etc I was a binge drinker.

A horrid drunk I was but the only thing that made me not hear was being incredibly drunk or asleep :zzz:.

I stopped drinking alcohol after I had ovarian cancer.about seven years ago.
Had a relapse but went sober again .

I know myself well enough to know I can’t have “just one”.

Been there done that.

I was always a binge drinker so couldn’t stick to one.once I started drinking alcohol I didn’t stop and I got myself in to trouble and embarrassed myself etc

I am so happy I don’t drink alcohol anymore plus it allows me to spend that money on more positive things.


Addiction runs in my family so I don’t drink cuz I’m afraid I’ll get like my grandma got…she drank bottles of vanilla extract because she had run out of vodka.

I drink too much… but I think I am going to get it under control.

My town is basically the states #1 tourist destination… it’s always a party out there. And I keep making more friends.

But it’s exhausting and sort of counters me getting anywhere quickly in life.

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