Do you drink alcohol? are you aware of any sensible drinking possible on ap's?

I sometimes drink more than i should - perhaps on average
extreme drunk - 2 x a year… (half bottle of spirits and some beer kind of thing)
outlying area of extreme drunk (enough to drink a (not more than a few) few) every 6 - 7 weeks (5 units)

because it’s Christmas or because i read hair of the dog is good for hangovers (the only thing that makes any difference) I had a half shot this morning early, which is insane, but it was good the day before with a free shot in a shop

or the day before that 2 beers

or the day before that 5 shots

I think i have started to let myself drink more often than i should

I know i am borderline alcoholic (multiple compulsive addictive personality)

But i think i have started to become an angry drunk ( i snap at people the second i had half a shot.)

this is exactly what happened to my sister 25 years ago (off the scale 5 -1 5 years ago) and worse every month for 3 years

I take 10 day breaks usually between drinks but at any excuse all year last year i’d have a large glass of red

I am thinking about the bottle

i have it in the house so i think i want a night cap but won’t

i don’t know if this is separate but i am so hooked on sugar it’s off the effing scale

i cant get drunk on aps
alcohol just doesnt work as before
so i kinda drink socially only but gonna ditch that habit too

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That is verging on dangerous territory. Do you feel like you are ready to try quitting for a little bit? I have a history of abusing alcohol heavily, but I was never addicted. Recently, I have given it all up to see what effect it would have on my health. It has gone very well so far!


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I never had the slightest desire to drink sensibly. I always drank to get insanely drunk. I finally had to give it up. I’ve been sober for right at a year now. There is no way I can live independently if I am drinking.


worst thing about the ap’s i get drowsy

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I’m an alcoholic, I had to go to AA to get help. I got lucky and they helped. They may or may not be able to help you, but you should give them a shot, especially if it runs in the family.

I haven’t been to AA for ages though, and now a desire to drink seems to have returned. I’m completely finished if I give into the desire though.

Best of luck.

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Yes - i guess i’d say i have been unable to not have any of the armagnac (opened) .3 bottle gone

and Ive been making plans of drinking after christmas

so yes i will give them over to safe keeping

i don’t want to get angry self righteous loud etc

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If you are an angry drunk, it’s a bad idea to subject others to that anyways. It sounds like it isn’t even enjoyable for you anymore.

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everhopeful you need them? go back

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hi ninja

not making myself clear

i just had a small sip from the bottle out of the blue and then i snapped at people in an out of order way for 5 mins

this was the second or third time to my knowledge

although saying that i do wander if techy was the very start of this.

was talking about how i have seen my sister

I’m on klonopin naltrexone and abilify and 3 beers I pass out. No I’m not a lightweight I used to drink 4 Steele reserves per night before getting put on these meds. Now I drink like 2-3 beers per month.


Not had a drink in years :smiley:

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I take Lithium in addition to my Abilify. Lithium gets you drunk quicker. I had one little drink of Amaretto the other day and was nice and toasty

just 4??? 15 characters…we used to play drinking games in the army…presidents and assholes was one of them it was a drinking game we played that included a deck of cards and a whole lotta beer. We used to drink yenling black and tans and go through about 4 cases of 24 bottles and just get shitfaced. I was just 19 mind you-and I had to stumble down the hall to my barracks room and the duty sergeant would just tell me, (get into your f#cking room).

We drank alot, alot of guys fought each other and sometimes a guy would come down monday morning with a black eye. This was old school military, back when our boots were normally black and we shined them every day. We’d find a guy who wouldn’t wash in the shower room, for some reason he would never shower and want to stay nasty and they’d take elephant brushes and throw these nasties into the shower and elephant brush them off in the shower.

This happened to a guy who didn’t shower after coming back from the field on a friday and on monday still had camo on his face. We lit this little nasty right up man, looked in his barracks room and two hampers filled with dirty laundry were there…I had been there before-I’ve had some really nasty room mates.

But man did we drink, by the time I was 21 I was drinking wild turkey whiskey. Lately for the holidays I’ve been drinking bushmills mild whiskey and water. It’s only 40% alcohol so it’s much more mild than wild turkey.

4----------24 ounces of steele reserve which is 8.1% alcohol so I guess that was only 13 drinks. but I drank it so fast it would ■■■■ me up. but yeah i wasn’t a heavy weight…im a small guy…but i could handle my beer and stuff but i don’t miss those days at all

Hey chew listen, I’m not telling you to do anything or quit anything that’s all up to you. But there is occasionally a time to cut loose and you just have to have good timing I guess. I haven’t had good timing always…

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I smoke weed and that gives me a good time. I’m good with that. Thanks.