Do you dip your pizza in ranch dressing?

My favorite is soft pretzels.

Nacho cheese with bread sticks isn’t a thing out here and it’s pretty tragic. It’s the thing I miss the most about the Midwest, besides people.

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I lived next to a Boardwalk Fries for like five years. You go there and get yourself some hot cheese, old bay, and vinegar. And a cup of ketchup for every third fry or so. You douse them with vinegar then fold them in half to dip them. Old bay goes on after the vinegar and before dipping.

I miss that place, I can’t do that with other french fries. They lack all the fixin’s.

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Sometimes I use ranch but usually I like chipotle dip.

Me too 15151515

What is Old Bay?

Old Bay is a crab boil and seafood seasoning. It’s good on french fries, too. Kind of turns them into seasoned fries.

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Gawd no!!! ewwwwww

Yes it’s usually used on seafood

I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t care much for ranch. Oddly enough my favorite pizza growing up was called Ranch Pizza and it had some ranch. Other than that I do not eat ranch dressing. I had a friend who would dip his pop tarts in ranch. What a strange combination.

When i was a little kid my mom started dipping chicken in ranch dressing. I thought it was something she invented because up to that point i had never seen anybody else doing it. But no, she said she learned it from a lady she worked with. Oh well.

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