Do you deal with any "difficult personalities"

My neighbors friend who comes over often is a “difficult personality”…How do you deal with it? I think I deal with it well…but would prefer to not be around him…he’s what you would describe as a “loudmouth”, “insulting” at times. But I think I handle it well. last night i was drinking around him and I dished it out a little back at him, but I wasn’t vengeful…I kept my cool, but I kind of dished it back at this person. But I shouldn’t have to rely on alcohol to feel comfortable around this guy…Idk I just don’t mesh well with bigoted hateful people…which is what he is

Not quite the same but I’ve been dealing with my psychopathical uncle and it’s been… “delightful” …

Difficult to understand what they go through seriously, can’t really put myself in their shoes.

I tend to isolate. Its for the best.

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This kid has probably always been this way but he’s either in talkative mode when he’s on percocets, or angry quiet mode when he’s withdrawing from percocets. It’s one or the other. Remind me again to never do opiates, not that I will. I did vicodin once like a month ago and hated it. Which is an opioid not an opiate, but the curiosity was killing me. Glad I hated it. This disease of drug and alcohol addiction will one day have to end but I’m not ready yet. Kudos to you Minnii for your year of sobriety, Idk how you do it!

me neither, but I’m doing it!


Well keep doing it!

I can’t lie I enjoy myself

But I wake up some mornings like today and question why a little…I don’t question why I do it, I know why, but I question why it had to be done.

Idk, it’s hard to quit booze when it’s so socially accepted. People actually look at me funny when I say I don’t drink, like I’m an alien or something. It’s weird, I don’t give a ■■■■ anymore about that. It’s been really hard and I’m proud of myself for doing it.
But like, last night it kept coming to my mind that thought of “when I’m able to drink again”… Like it’s not really clear its a life decision to quit. It’s weird, but I rather keep up the fight than to sink into the self-destructive abyss I was in before. I know myself, there’s no middle ground when consuming, either it’s clothes or drugs or drinking. I think it’s my mania actually.

But anyway, back to the topic. I think the best way to deal with difficult personalities is to be as sweet and honest as you can.

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Well I’m not the best person to ask advice to on staying sober, but in AA they preach “one day at a time”

If you make it seem like a lifetime commitment, it’s a tough mountain to climb. But if you stay sober “just for today” it makes it seem more reasonable.

I like the advice on being honest to a difficult personality. Sometimes I have trouble standing up for myself when he says something racist or bigoted. I never pretend to be something I’m not but often times I’ll just keep quiet and I won’t say “NO YOU’RE WRONG” like a “stronger” person might do.

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Btw Minnii it’s not too late to go to AA. Just because you went a year+ sober without AA doesn’t mean you can’t ask for extra help now if you’re struggling a little.

Just a suggestion no pressure :laughing:

Yeah I get that feeling. There’s one girl in my class that is making these racist comments because of the refugees, and I said something like “Only in your racist mind that would happen” to another thing she said and we were kind of joking around. She got really serious “I’m not racist at all, I like black people” Lol. Facepalm. You can be honest but racism is always ignorance, so there’s that.

Yep, one day at a time. My own private AA in my head, me and my intrusive thoughts :smile:

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