Do you count APs as "miracle" medication?

I do, especially that I learn people 100 years ago were locked up in a mental asylum for life. Sad that there is no meds for thr negatives, but the future seems bright.


Yes, I consider my AP’s and mood stabilizer to be miracle drugs. I would be dead without them (by suicide). The meds make life so much better, compared to being wildly psychotic and manic/mixed.


Yes, without them I can’t imagine where
I would be

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Definitely miracle drugs for me!

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And I’m pretty sure even in the 70’s the meds were worse then than they are now… or at least from the stories I’ve heard about my uncle. We’re lucky to live in this day and age.


The funny story im on a med from 1950’s - haloperidol and works better than any new antipsychotics for me lol


Yes, but in 100 years our grandchildren will see what we were drinking and they will start to cry. XD


:exploding_head: very interesting!

In my case I would say a triumph of science because I am stable, symptom free and without side effects.

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Not a miracle but something, they don’t help negative and cognitive symptoms.


Psych meds are miracle drugs for me. I was going through mental hell for many years and contemplating suicide before I got my meds right

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They’re better than nothing but I would not call them that.


I agree with the ent.

They keep me from going batshit and/or offing myself. Other than that, there’s not much good things about AP’s, and it would be lame to expect them to solve all of one’s problems.

Just like antidepressants are not magic pills that make your life great and take away everything bad. They just make life more manageable.

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Yes, it’s good to have AP’s.
But in some parts of the world, only few exist.
I wish some people have at least second generation of meds…
There was a young woman here from Thailand I think who refused to take meds because they were old and not suitable for her.
Others were like 10$,but she couldn’t afford…
She draw wonderful pictures.

Not sure. Definitely not a miracle. A miracle would be if the society became less ostracizing towards people, less controlling of behavior, and more supportive towards the disabled. I go nuts without meds, but I’m OK for a couple years then I have a psychotic episode for a while. I would prefer to just take medicine during my episode then live on disability with my disorder rather than what I’m doing now which is taking medicine every month which is bad for my physical health, giving me sexual dysfunction, costing lots of money, making my life boring as hell due to no sex drive, but allowing me to work which is basically a crap life.

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I agree, maybe for some people it’s a miracle but not for everyone.

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It depends on how you look at it. I can’t imagine living with the voices as they used to be before I took the meds. On the other hand the side effects make life difficult in the long run.

Yeah i have one AP i count like almost a miracle


Starting with Zyprexa, the newer meds are definitely life changing for those of us with SZ.

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