Do you consider schizophrenia the “divine comedy”?

Have you ever wondered if we’re living in the divine comedy? Just wondering what you think, i wonder if heaven on earth is far fetched now?

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More like an epic tragedy.

I’m doing OK, but only just about. Not really understanding what you mean. Perhaps that my life is a joke?

No I’m just wondering if we’re going thru or have been thru hell on earth personally, it’s possible

That’s how I would describe my first year of being psychotic. My second year was just plain suffering.

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Yea I definitely did. On 15mg aripiprazole.

This reminds me of this funny song/video


Feels strange to recover doesn’t it? Lol just saying

never read it, but it’s Dante, The Divine Comedy.

I got it right on Jeopardy yesterday, Phil didn’t.

Yea I may recover. But I never know if I am going to relapse in particular if I decide to come off abilify completely.

95 percent of cases are not funny only some mostly it is bad, but what is schizophrenia its just a categorization there is vast differences covered by that word and it just a joke thats what my therpist is teaching me.

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