Do you consider briefly hearing voices to be psychosis or just a glitch

Yesterday when I was at the gas station I had some random feeling I should get a lottery ticket and a scratch card.
I never buy this stuff I haven’t bought a scratch card in probably 2 years.
But the feeling was overwhelmingly strong that it was the “right time”.

Then I heard internal voices (didn’t sound like me)
Saying when I scratch this card the first section I will have won. I did win it was 15 bucks.
Then they said the next one I will also win. So I scratch it and it’s another 10.
Then they just keep jabbering about how there’s more etc. There wasn’t. But anyway
Then the voices got aggressive telling me to not tell my gf.
And to immediately cash the card and not to buy anymore as it was not the "right time"
And the voices just kept babbling about it. Then changed there mind that I could tell someone if I wanted but then I had to share what I won. I thought that was a fair deal.

I felt kind of high and strange before this so maybe it was the euphoric mood that brought it up.

It was like I discovered a “secret access” a sixth sense again.

Oh the sneaky brain. It just trys anything to get me to listen to voices again. And for a moment I did listen.

That’s a super brief glitch to me and not alarming or distressing at all though.


Hope u are feeling b3tt3r now…my best friend…

Hey that sounds pretty cool. Much better than my voices telling me I was going to get 100k in the mail, which didn’t show up of course

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My voices come for short periods then stop, usually after I listened to music. I asked my pdoc about it, if it is still psychosis and she said yes, and that you can have brief psychosis but yet not be termed psychotic. I just call it brief psychosis. With me my psychosis never lasts long, but it comes and goes in short episodes.


I usually check the neighbors when I hear voices. You know those well placed teamworkers…gosh, they never tell me to get a winning scratcher card.

I had that part about absolutely knowing i was going to win happen to me too. i am not the only one at all. I was not psychotic, far from it, no voices either. This happens to totally well people too.

Voices just like to latch on to anything we are thinking, feeling, or doing. In your case, they just latched on to the intuition you were feeling.

When we are happy we (all human race) likes to share that with others. We like to tell them about it. The hallcinations of many people like to be negative :“if you tell your gf, you ll have to share.”

This time instead of latching on to thoughts, they latched onto a feeling. They are certainly not psychic, so dont believe or do what they say in the future.

Youfelt intuition, you bought the tickets/cards, you made the decision to buy another or not, you were happy and wanted to tell gf about it. Seperate hallucinations from yourself as they were there just doing what they do … yabbering on about what your doing. (Nosey little turds aren’t they!?)

If you ever feel you must do what they say, …then immediately get help. They can talk all they want, but we must stay in control of ourselves. We can not turn ourselves over the whims of hallucinations.


I once bought a crossword scratch-and-win on a whim, after a long period of thinking that buying lottery tickets was stupid, and the only word I got on it was “why”, as if the universe was asking me why I did that.

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