Do you come

do you come on forum, on bad days?

  • no
  • yes

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Now is that much of a surprise?

at first I didn’t. some say that a pissed-off person pisses off others. my woes are things that noone understands, so ranting’s pointless.

now I do come. I just go to friends’ threads. usually multi-task and watch youtube.

I must admit I sort of misread your title as meaning something else which intrigued me and then I see you amplified your question so thank you for doing so. Yes I come on good and bad days. I’m thankful for this forum on the bad days as folks are really encouraging. :slight_smile:

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ThePoeticSkunk, get your mind out of the gutter.

Thank you sirBoring for the video. My first apartment had a radiator and my roommate had to bleed the thing steady. Gutter? I’d love to be in the gutter rather than me swimming around in a cesspool of utter depravity. But I love cats so that counts for something.

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i’ve become comfortably numb

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feel better, crsaen. :slight_smile:

77nick77 repeats to himself intensely ten times: “do not make lewd answer”…“do not make lewd answer”… “do not make lewd answer”…