Do you celebrate May Day, May 1st

We celebrate it here where I am. It is Vappu. Here is my pic with the white hat I got from the university.



I do!!
It’s going to be my first day without ice cream. The area you live in looks so quiet in the photos I never see any people

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We used to as kids, us young girls would hang paper baskets on neighbors doorknobs full of whatever was growing.

Good times.


In the part of Germany I grew up we called the 1st may tradition “dance into the may”


My little town is quiet and peaceful. I rarely have any people in my pics. Tomorrow there will be a ‘Vappu’ event. Maybe I take some pics of people too.

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One time, several years ago I went to May Pole dance with my friend Therese.

That was so much fun. I don’t think I have ever done that before.

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I have no idea it is but there’s always room for more celebrations! :tada:


I do celebrate Cinco de mayo

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I’m not Hispanic though. I like Mexican food

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May 1st parade, and ‘Vappu’ event …


Kuva9273 Kuva9277 Kuva9280 Kuva9283


We have the Obby Oss festival in Padstow. It is like the Cornish version of May Day to celebrate the start of the good weather.

Vappu celebrations in Helsinki …

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