Do you celebrate life, or do you begrudge life?

I’m just learning there’s quite a difference.

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i do both unfortunatley


My life is like being on a carnival ride. It goes up and goes down. I’m not manic really ever it’s just that my life oy vey my life!

There are problems now, but I have High Hopes (old 1950’s song) that things will work out for the best.

I’m finding things to enjoy in each day I’m in, even on the days where my health can be challenging. My glass is more than half full.

(Especially since I bootlegged some :turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle: from @LevelJ1.)


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I begrudged life for a long time. Now I celebrate and rejoice in it.

Ya bootleggin yella belly son of a gun i thought some of my turtles went missinz now i knows its the raptor rasslin up ma turtles

:turtle: :dash:


That’s what I was going to say. When I am down I am pretty far down, but most of the time I’m okay with life. It is part of my personal philosophy to make the best of things.

its hard to celebrate life with so much death is around me

but i use to for a short period be on stable meds and was able to enjoy my surroundings

im afraid that i wont get back there unless i spend time in a hospital with trial and error on different meds

I contemplate life, to be or not to be ?

I try to celebrate life, even though that can be hard sometimes. I find getting out of myself, such as going to an animal park/zoo and watching the animals go about their lives, is very beneficial. You stop thinking so much about yourself and start thinking about other things. I love watching nature. Even the most simplest things can be amazing. I was sitting down outside on the lawn once, and this small little lime coloured butterfly flew next to me. It landed on a leaf, went to the underside and laid a single egg. A tiny little white egg. They she flew off to lay more probably, but honestly, life whizzes by so fast, it is nice to stop and appreciate the little things.

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I think my personal despair is in knowing how sentience cruely suffers to exist, to die. All your loves and beauties, appreciations, personal battles get taken for nothing it seems in the end. So I appreciate my life. It’s just very hard to come to terms with, if you even can, with the fact that everything you know and love disappears. There’s nothing to celebrate about that in some ways. In my mind. But the very same, weirdly twists my mind around knowing that I do value life. In loosing anyone and any thing you know you cherish about living. It’s taken a while for me to feel grateful for knowing something of life. Before I think I felt intensely hateful for having been born and to suffer for what? Losing everything I’d already lost.


I’m positve in outlook and it helps tremendously.

I’m soon to be 52. I love living. I really do and I feel obliged to enjoy every minute I have left even if it’s doing not much but keeping me content. I think that is important. Don’t waste the time left to you. Do something you enjoy and keep doing it. I love life. I love living I really do and even if it was to end tomorrow I gave it what I had with what I got.

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More of later. Haven’t been able to help it much.

As a kid I thought I will get better as an adult. But had first episode at 15. Now think I was better as kid. Didn’t have much of clue about life. Was relatively more carefree.