Do you call yourself a 1%er?

I do. Sounds rich and I am relatively rich. People also respond better to you when they get the impression that you’re elite

I wouldn’t over generalize. I think lots of people might not like it - they could interpret it as elitist, or poser-like behavior, where you’re trying to say you’re better than them.

Better to focus on common interests. Ultimately thats a stronger and better relationship than someone who just might be interested in someone for money.


If you’re in America the American dream is getting harder for everyone.

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I wouldn’t do this to a starving person. That would be absurd. I find that it works with people who have their basic needs met. They don’t have to think you’re serious. Could be in good humor

Also you’re the 1% that has sz

Only cuz of the Internet baby.

We are the [studies have shown between .3 to .7%] of the global population who have schizophrenia.

The high functioning ones are even more rare, I’m like the Pokemon that had a star on the corner of the card meaning they’re rare.

I’m Mewtwo, he’s the ■■■■.

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I like to think of myself as completely unique. I’m Han Solo. I have a cat named Chewbacca and I used to drive the Millenial Falcon.


I’m NOT a 1% and my family and I don’t consider ourselves superior to others or elite for any reason.

Where I am… elite seems to go hand in hand with an entitled attitude… and being better then everyone else… above common decency… above the law.

people who enjoy being elite in my neighborhood also enjoy denigrating others… insulting others… degrading people who they don’t perceive as “good as them” and worse.

I’m not saying it’s everywhere… but the few people I’ve met who brag about being 1% and elite… I find are horridly racist as well.

The thing is… it’s ONLY money. They have money… they don’t have manners… kindness… empathy… grace… or caring… they only have money.

I try to avoid elitist. They upset me greatly.


Chill bro, it gets laughs, at least when I say it. I for one am very anti capitalistic really


Sorry about that… I can only go for the people I encounter…When it comes to the “upper crust” I haven’t encountered many decent ones.

If your just going for a laugh… sorry… I’ll chill.

My apologies.

I am part of the 99% and it’s not laughable. I know some people who are very wealthy and they are pigs.


Ya,common interest is also important for me,at least I feel kind of close to people with common interest.

Just one question,if I only mix with people who had mental illness and play soccer(my favourite hobby) would I be too limiting?
I like to say that I join these people because of similar interest and topic,also I want to focus on people similiar to me to work out something,I wonder am I too protective of myself?

I could actually start with socializing with people with MI or who plays soccer,than maybe get more comfortable and then join others

It’s been a long time,continous 14 years that I feel very uncomfortable around my family,my cousin(similar age),I just can’t be myself or be a comfortable self cause I feel they look down on me,I don’t know if I will get over this lol…

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i am a 1% er…
i have an elite bunch of invisible friends , we belong to ’ the secret cup cake society ’ :cake:
take care :alien:


Your word and thinking is wonderful.Enjoying life important than being successful or becoming a elite

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I know one family that is 1% multi millions and they are arrogant.

I also have an uncle that is a millionaire but he’s extremely humble.

Depends on the people I guess.

I am not 1% lol.

I personally hate talking about money. It’s all a silly competition.


Imma ,


Whataboutchoo !!!

I think the most common meaning of that designation is that you are part of the 1% that is truly evil. It’s mostly used by motorcycle gangs.

One percent of What?
Sounds pretty lonely.

Also rare does not mean valuable, just because there are only a few of something doesn’t mean anyone wants it-look at ebay, where everything is RARE!!
But has 0 bids.