Do you boycott any brands?

Why? Is apple so much better. Ive been thinking of switching

i boycott those lesser known electronic brands like Sony, Panasonic and Plantronics or something like that just because I do not think that they are that durable.

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I’ve sold out to my boycotts when the good deals came :grimacing: :scream: #ashamed

Seriously I was gonna boycott DoorDash cuz they didn’t give an F when the restaurant delivered me the wrong food which I didn’t like.

But then DoorDash gave me a 50% off coupon. So I forgave them for that one day.

But I’m not gonna use them unless really I’m robbing them you see….

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I never buy Ferrari. I don’t know i can’t afford it, does that count as boycott.


Better build quality and design. Easy to use. Compatibility with other Apple devices is good

I loved Sony Vaios. Was pissed when they stopped making them. I have one I bought in about 2003. Still has Windows XP on it and works great. My wife has an old one that still works too. Had to switch to Dell or HP. Don’t even know which one. I hate it. It’s slower than daylight.

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