Do you believe


Do you believe that if we have been living with problems for so long they become so ingrained in us it isnt possible to change out beliefs… An eg…

I’m so paranoid to get a girlfriend cause I think things will come after me.

I just don’t see how it’s possible to change such intense beliefs.

How do you overcome it


You stop believing it. Just because you believe something, doesn’t mean it’s real.
If talk therapy isn’t doing anything for you, then do something else.

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Do what you fear, nothing bad happens, overcome

It’s incredibly difficult but the best way, perhaps the only way…

Medication as well

Talk therapy, unless it’s a goal oriented one like CBT or DBT, is mainly just for venting. A good therapist will also help you realize patterns you fall into and help you understand yourself better, but all the work really must be done by you, so it is not the best therapy for everyone.

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Take the pills as proscribed. Most folks do way better these days.

Intense thinking may be helped by some good cognitive behaviour therapy but I have a pretty poor idea of most psychologists.

Some really good previous posts. Keep yourself in the game and keep looking for better function.

Most of us have been there before.

A friend in the struggle,


You are seriously a great fuggen person. You like my hero on here always so nice with such great advice.

I love you dude.

Thanks Anna also

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It’s never easy. I don’t need no kudos. Just like the post if you like it. This isn’t a place for popularity contests. It really isn’t.


I was just saying u always give me great advice.

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talking with a doctor helps me.