Do you believe?

I have a hard time believing that the voices aren’t real people, that my ideas of reference aren’t real, and that I’m not thought broadcasting. Everyone I know including my therapist tells me it’s not happening. So I guess I should just live my life?


I stopped believing some time back. CBT really helped here. Highly recommended.


Yeah homie I know that I thought broadcast but IDK. Schizos are gods manifesting reality through electronic devices and the like. I’d just live your life and know that you are the controller of your own destiny.

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I wish I could get there. I don’t know if cbt is available for me. I have a therapist and a day center I can go to. I think I need to go back to the day program.

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It wasn’t available to me for years. Got my hands on some books and did it myself.

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Right on. 151515

I’ve rented a cbt book in the past from the library. Maybe I can try it out. Learn to deal with it.

I personally don’t believe the voices are real people.

How can I have evidence?

Well… When you dream a dream it feels real too.

But it’s not.

Or for example I heard alive ppls voices but they didn’t know what I was talking about when I mentioned it to them… Because it wasn’t them speaking to me in reality.

Good luck! :hugs:

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Yeah one night I actively listened to my voices. When my sister and a friend came back the dude asked what is going on. I felt more real, but I was off somehow. Like I assumed they were like me when in reality I was I guess kinda in a different space.

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It kind of difficult to say which are voices and which are my thoughts. I would say the psychiatry drove me that insane that i actual had auditory hallucinations. After 53 years of living in my head i am confident how i think. I doubt myself alot and what i think is sometimes just negative selftalk. I do mindfulness, it takes a little bit of effort, but it pays in stressful situations.

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The feeling of being watched never ceases for me, on or off meds. I still believe it to be true, because I hear whispers and voices around me. I have to realize that I am ill, but I have hard time accepting this, because I want to have a future like everyone else and live unencumbered without having to think what the voices might think about what I want to do.

I often explain to my voices what I want to do, as if I am being cross examined the whole day long. No way to live like this… living under complete surveillance. No privacy. Nowhere.
It is easy to dismiss this, but for me it feels like a reality that I cannot seem to shake. Meds don’t alleviate it.

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You brought up acceptance. I don’t really know what “accepting” the illness means. My therapist has reminded me that it’s a brain disease for the very reason of acceptance. Still struggle with what goes on around me. At this point my family has accepted it more than I can seem to understand.

I guess acceptance for me could mean quit trying to constantly fix stuff or fight stuff. Idk I’m working on it. Or just try to accept the way things are.

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