Do you believe what psychics say

do you believe what they say…

Never been to a psychic. If I ever did go it would be for entertainment purposes only.

I did when I was a gullible teenager.

I used to, but not anymore.

My ex-gf was all into them, she bugged me and bugged me to go, so eventually I went. I think she wanted to know what was in store for the future for us, but the psychic said we would not end up together. I’m sure she regretted going after that, lol. I eventually broke up with her so the psychic ended up being right.

I’m still not into psychics though, I just look at it as an entertainment thing. I did it once and that was enough.

none of my schizophrenia had to do with ghosts or the deceased. There is really not much to go on if you want to go there.

Old gypsy woman once told me how I’m going to die.

That was a weird adventure…

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I was a witch for many years so, I was big into psychics when a young woman. One told me I would always be unlucky in love. She turned out to be absolutely right. Another told me I would come into a windfall soon, which I did. Yet another told me that I would not live to a ripe old age. I don’t know yet how that will turn out. I’m 61 now.

I don’t even know what they say so I can’t believe what I haven’t even heard.

My paternal grandmother read tea leaves. Being poor and with kids she would even do it professionally to get some coin back in the day. I saw her do it with some clients she had way back when I was young. It was all made up I’m sure but what she did well was read people and tell them what they wanted to hear.

It’s not mystical or magical it’s just feeding people an idea that is appealing. It’s amazing how far you can get with people just doing that.

No I don’t believe in any of that sort of thing. Dead is dead, and I also don’t believe in secret cosmic wisdom either. As I always say, I’d like to go to a psychic and stand on the porch for a while. If they were really psychic, they’d know I was coming :wink:!

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This is exactly how it’s done. A good reader – few exist – will even tell you this upfront.

I read tarot professionally for 25 years. I helped a lot pf people. I was more like a coach, and I never used the word “psychic,” because I thought it was offensive. Anyone who claims that “psychics” have just learned to cold read people is absolutely correct. You combine that with the images you get from looking at the cards (I never used the “meanings” you read about in books), and you help people in their search for answers.

It was logic. With a lot of intuition.

I never told anyone what to do. I would present choices, and we would discern which was the best one.

I was good at my job. Sometimes I worked one on one, and sometimes I was the entertainment at parties and corporate gigs. But I just got completely burnt out on it, and had to stop a few years ago.

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I did readings for others, sometimes I’d get paid.
Was into the Tarot as well.

I wasn’t really well during these years.

Let’s just leave it at that.

No. They ridiculous.

Absolute nonesense

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While overseas ( I think WW2 era ),

An old gypsy woman told my grandfather that dogs would lead police to his body.

He’s in his 90s now.

But from what we know, have been able to figure out and with our suspicions about him,

It’s still entirely possible.

Very possible that he could get murdered or have a bad run in with cops.

I’ll be interested to see if she was right.

If I out live him.

Sometimes I think he just won’t die, like some sort of cockroach.


I’m interested too.

We’ll see what happens.

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I’ll let you know when/if he dies.

He’s a bad guy and probably worse than we think too.

I don’t know what I’ll do if she’s right.

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I’ve gone, and they’ve never been right. I purposely keep a poker face so they can’t read my body language. This tells me it’s not real. Tarot cards are also always wrong in my life.

I predict my own future. And am 50% right. 50% wrong. Just like psychics.

I don’t believe in psychics nor magic.