Do you believe the book, The Secret?

Everything can come in front of you if you really believe something will happen.
I have some examples in the past. What I aspired or believed that it will happen were actually realized. Just a coincidence? What do you think?

What book? What secret?

The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne.

I have no idea.
What’s the main idea of this book?


If your optimistic frequency fit the universe’s, you will get everything you want. This means you must be happy, and affirm yourself to get what you want. So visualizing technique, writing lists what you want to get, and thank you lists and etc are the ways. This book was a bestseller in 2000s.

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It’s just new age wishful thinking.


I think there’s some truth to it for me personally although there’s other things too involved. Such as focus and effort.

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I heard that the psychoanalyst Jung said the similar thing. Like our unconsciousness is connected to materials and universe. And the author also says individual frequency will make an effect on universe and the universe will give you feedbacks

It “works” if you put in all the hard work necessary behind achieving what you wish for. Just visualizing and wanting it bad enough does not bring anything.


I read the half of the book, and it doesn’t say yet your effort and focus are required. She said only your mind decides your future. I need to read more about what you said.

I don’t believe in the book. I think in order to achieve things you have to work for them. You can keep the vision in your head as a focus, a goal, but to me the book is a bunch of garbage.

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We learnt about it in highschool.
Seems like a load of bull.

Life isn’t some disney move where anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

Sure, an open mind and a positive go-getter attitude is helpful, but real effort is required. And sadly, sometimes even your best efforts won’t be enough.


This reminds me of a thread I started called DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE LAW OF ATTRACTION? Nobody believed in it.



My chin was too low!!

You have a bad attitude about starving to death!!

Omg too funny! :rofl: :joy:


I believe in it. Your wishes may not be given to you in the way that you would expect thats all.

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