Do you believe that strangers know you are sick

Hello, I have the feeling that strangers on the street somehow know me and are using my diagnosis to make fun of me. They don’t know me personally, but they know that I have a diagnosis. I don’t look like a typical psychotic person and my psychiatrist told me that I don’t look sick, and she also said that I am rather independant compared to some other patients.

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Sounds like a bit of paranoia. How could they possibly know you have a diagnosis?

I have reached the point where I don’t care if people know I am schizophrenic. All my family, friends and anyone I give a ■■■■ about already knows, so what do I care


No people think I’m hard looking I think, no one would know I’m sZ. My hair is a bit crazy nowadays with the barbers being closed so I do prob look crazy as f fck nowadays, my eyes are googley as well which is even worse, I also look like that Julian cuddihy buck who killed his parents which also an omen

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They can tell you’re groomed and maybe a little about affect, but that can present as bored.

Its not like they know what if anything you’re affected by.

Its not a big deal, I really don’t care.


I know they’re sick.


I often feel like people can hear my thoughts and know all about me.

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People don’t have to watch me very long before they reach that conclusion.

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I believe some strangers want me to play their game, that I don’t find funny and am not interested in wasting my energy on

People know that I’m physically sick just by looking at me. I use forearm crutches.

I had the same feeling after the diagnosis of the second psychiatrist. I was walking in the streets feeling that all strangers know about my sz

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