Do you believe that a Russian wild man exists

I am watching TV and there is a program ‘Russian secret files’, it is in English and they talk about ‘a Russian wild man’, this refreshes my memory and I recall ‘a Big Foot’ in America.

Do you believe that ‘a Russian wild man’ or ‘an American Big Foot’ exists?

No. It doesn’t seem like it would be intelligent enough to be able to evade humans over hundreds of years, and if it were actually sighted (which it would be inevitably), then it would be either killed or whisked away by the government. I’m more open to the idea that it could have existed out there in the wilderness at some point in time, but not by now.


It is interesting that similar stories about ‘wild man’ / ‘big foot’ have been spread in both the former Soviet Union and the USA. Just wondering why?

There are a lot of things like that, that are found in many different cultures from many time periods all over the world. Things like “big foot” would just be the tip of the iceberg.

I am more inclined to believe that humans carry something in our DNA that affects our memories and perceptions, something we share in some way that makes us very likely to perceive similarly or to have the same notions and fantasies and so on. It could be because of something very significant and other-worldly in our ancient past, or it could be something much less interesting. But something connects us in some ways.

Like how almost every human civilization to ever exist had some fixations on the sky and beings that were from the sky.


There’s the UK’s Lock Ness Monster.

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People like to believe in stuff like that. Who knows how those legends start? By the way, I hate to sound cynical but I gave up believing in most stuff like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. As a kid and as a young adult I was an avid believer in all the legends and stories of UFO’s and Bigfoot and ESP and Leprahcans, and everything like that. But then I started seeing that all the so-called inconvertible evidence of such things debunked over and over again and I got pretty jaded about the whole business. People believe because they want to believe. Some people are just plain gullible and let their imaginations over-power their own common sense. Hey, I fell for it too, but then I woke up. By the way @mjseu, the cousin of Bigfoot, who you might have heard of is the Abomidible Snowman of the Himalayas Mountains, otherwise known as a Yeti.

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Id like to do a bigfoot prank. Maybe i can start an australian bigfoot.


Apparently there is an Australian big foot called the “yowie”

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I heard about that when i was a kid. We also have drop bears haha