Do you believe medication helps?

YES. But I’ve had a really long road finding the right ones. Been trying since my teens, started my first AP in 1993, and am only just now finding the right cocktail.

I have another complicated diagnosis that makes controlling my positive symptoms even more important, otherwise I am lost. Finally on the road to recovery after a 2- 1/2 year breakdown, thanks to Trilafon, Lamictal, and Prozac. Finally. I need peace.


All I know is without meds, I’m a paranoid, anxious, and manic individual.

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I woke up this morning very well rested and I felt very great full towards God for this most perfect meds I take (Clopixol & Seroquel) and I’ve not felt so well in years. In two hours I’m heading towards the clinic to have my depot.


Shmookitty that’s good to hear. I love hearing stories like those where it takes people a really long time but eventually they find something that works, gives me hope thank you.

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It brings its problems, but I was not connected to reality when I was off them

I have been through the same. I was on APs for 18 months until recently and I lost that time to side effects, being so sedated and apathetic that I was in bed 18 hours a day. I quit them a month ago and I magically lost 20 pounds and now I have the energy to do what I used to. Going off antipsychotics have made me more paranoid, but stopping them causes withdrawals so that is to be expected. As my body adjusts I feel more like myself with each passing day. I am worried that my new nurse practitioner that I am seeing today may want me to take them. If she doesn’t respect my decision I will either agree and not pick up the AP or I will go somewhere else for a Lithium script.

I didn’t used to like meds or agree to take em for long until in april 2021 i deleveloped something ‘related to catatonia’ (acourding to my doctor anyway) while off meds. Now i can’t quit taking haloperidol. Everytime i do i can hardly walk. I walk like a 90 year old. Makes it almost impossible to go to the store at the rediculous speed I walk.

I’m so sorry. That really sucks.

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I take my meds without fail. They do a lot to help me. Have learned the hard way about going off meds and into a downward spiral. Never again. No, they’re not perfect but it’s probably the best tool I have in my schizophrenia toolbox. They’ve enabled so much recovery in me that I consider them irreplaceable. I may not be living a dreamy life, but it’s a really good alternative to being psychotic and all that comes with it. Glad this is a pro-meds site. :slight_smile:


No it doesnt for me. My delusions always comes back. Its not always very hard to handle, sometime it can be mild sometimes not. But l try to handle it better than the past.

They help me somewhat. I am less violent and delusional but I get episodes of unprovoked anger and delusions. I say hateful and mean things, become violent, etc. The public health system doesn’t help me and, to be honest, the genetics that are given by them for free aren’t approved by the FDA. They only exist in my country.