Do you believe in string theory?

That’s a big negative here.

Is the closest thing we have to gut, but really they’re just using mathematical tricks and shooting in the dark.

Theoretical physics for a reason.

Glad we found the Higgs boson. Theory does work out sometimes.

I don’t believe in the 11 dimensions thing. Or small curled up dimensions.

There is evidence that particles can wormhole over small distances. That’s pretty trippy.

To me we exist in one dimension and time doesn’t exist. It’s just a system. The real measurement that matters is distance. It has infinite directions.

The frame of reference you choose for 3d doesn’t respect the nature of the universe. It’s arbitrary in real space.

Just another mathematical trick that works for small scale physics.

I don’t know but it would be pretty cool!

I read Brian Greene book on string theory. I think quantum physics is more promising. In terms for me it’s easier to understand than string theory. empty space is not empty I heard

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If there is a multiverse…

If that were the case the chance of intelligent life filling the cosmos to the brim would be 100%. If traveling between universe is possible and time truly does stretch back infinitely. If there is a multiverse their would be more signs then just what the fissures of energy do at the quantum level.

If we can’t travel between universes then we will never know. It will forever be speculation or at best an inference of physics.

No these things are just the play things of researchers and the stuff childhood science fiction. The stuff of dreams.

That awfully cynical :smiley: Don’t you think?

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Someone else said…

Why should the universe respect our wishes.

It is what it is. From what I’ve seen that’s all it is.

Who’s talking about the universe? I thought we were talking about this flat planet and how the ocean doesn’t fall off…

It was actually a topic about string theory.

Do you believe? O_o

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i have no ideas about string theory at all. why only 11 dimensions. why not an infinite number? if there are other dimensions then i’m guessing that they would contain non human lifeforms. i don’t believe there are other human dimensions that you or i exist in. there may well be other human dimension but what would be the point of infite replication of the same people? for in order to have the same people then the same outcomes would have to happen or the same people wouldn’t be born. so i’m thinking that of there are these other dimensions then they have to contain either different humans (should we be that lucky and self important) or alien lifeforms.


Apparently 11 dimensions is all it takes to contain all the possibilities in a unified framework.

Totally agree with you about human dimensions. This is the only one. Though perhaps there are lifeforms similar to us out there.

Really that â– â– â– â–  is just mind games though.

Where do you go to school?

It bubbles with fluctuations of energies in all places. Small particle pair coming into existence then annihilating back into the light field.

Was it the elegant universe or fabric of the cosmos? Or maybe a newer one?

Good reads.

The schizo academy lol…

I’ve attended at ku and Kai and a few community colleges.

Isaac Asimov’s “atom.” And the Brian Greene books mentioned above is all you really need. As well as the episode of the cosmos which talks about the nature of light and relativity. These things taught me far more than how to utilize equations.

Transference of rotational inertia. That’s all I really remember from college.

I believe that in the universe we have three things: mass, location and time. For example, we people are an intelligent mass who have a certain location at certain time. Our locations change as time passes.

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the pendulum theory

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used to, now i don’t know what to believe anymore

On that scale, beliefs are pretty irrelevant. They don’t change anything.

Ultimately any philosopher scientist physicist whatever has to confront and be content with not knowing.

Edit: managing ones beliefs are important for coping with sz… The beliefs about what is tangible and the nature of hallucinations.

Regarding this though you can believe whatever suits you.

Its all theoretical at the moment. It sounds way out there.

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