Do you believe in spirits

I had out of body experience when i was younger. I didnt knew that people experienced that, i am still not sure if that was my soul, or my brain tricks me. But i do believe in out of body experience during near death.

My spiritual beliefs are Pagan, so I absolutely believe in spirits and out-of-body experiences. I think, however, that each person has to decide for themselves what they believe in, so it’s up to you if you think it was real or not.

i had an episode when i was outside my body and i could feel something nasty trying to get in before me, that was cool got my adrenaline going , but i know of a few people that have experienced it, not uncommon i don’t think.
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I have hallucinated so much in this life, I’m not sure if I believe in spirits or not. Was it a spirit or yet another very vivid hallucination? But I am keeping my mind on this topic open.

I had an out of body experience as a kid when my father beat me up. I think that was a way of protecting myself. It wasn’t me getting beaten, just my body. I saw myself from above. Just like I’d left my body and was floating above.

I’ve had tactile hallucinations that I thought were ghosts. This was before and when I was hospitalized.

Pdoc convimced me they were “missfires” in my brain. I wrote “There are no ghosts” on pieces of paper and taped them all around my bed so I could remind me of it.

Ghosts are real. I went to the antiques mall with my mother and there was a lady there dusting the shelves. We just thought she was a person until she turned and walked through the wall. She was so close I could have touched her. If my mom hadn’t seen it too I would never have been sure it wasn’t a hallucination.

that is cool.
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My son has talked to me a lot about out of body experiences or astral projection. He believes that he is astral traveling. I’m not sure what I believe. I believe it is possible and that it can be done. I question how much of it is my son’s imagination. Seeing what he believes or wants to see. I don’t tell him that it is not real only what I think it is. Same with spirits. I believe they exist but I do not see them. I don’t know if it’s my son’s brain misfiring or if they really interact with him. In the end it’s for him to believe or not.

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My mom believes in spirits. She tried to get me off the meds in the beginning because I was destroying my connection to the spirits. Now she says notning about my meds. I really don’t like hearing voices and being poked or having trolls chewing on my legs.

everything is determined by our brains, the most mysterious part of our bodies…we know so little about it…and i believe once we understand how our brain works, then we will maybe find the answer to death and life…but i like to believe in a greater purpose for it all.

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I have experienced a white light ball? That woke me up.
I sat straight up from a dead sleep and stared at that ball of light remaining neutral about it’s presence.
At some point it said/conveyed the message, “Don’t worry about me now, I’m where I need to be” and I replied “oh, ok” still neutral.
Then the light just sort of went out, and I promptly laid back and fell asleep.
That afternoon I got a call from my mom, saying my aunt had died instantly in a very violent auto accident in the night.

sorry your aunt died, but the ball of light that is really amazing, you seem to be able to see through the veil really well.
take care

Sorry about your aunt.

When my grandfather died I saw purple light and he said “I’m not there” on the funeral when I was looking at the chest. We had a special bond, he had cancer and planned his funeral. He decided to take just one thing with him in the chest. It was a heart made of clay, I made it to him when I was 4 years old.

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hey, that is pretty special about the clay heart thing .
take care

I’m a christian and i believe in a spirit world.

i saw a ghost once and i know it was real because i don’t visually hallucinate and three other people saw it aswell. it was a dense black form or a man, about 5/10 tall. whether it was human or not i couldn’t say. i tried to follow it but it just disappeared. i hope that our spirit continues when we die. i’d like to be reborn and have a crack at life without voices and psychoses. i’d like to keep all my talent and just b someone else, hopefully prettier lol

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I don’t know if I believe in spirits. Some of the things I’ve seen confuse me. I’d like to believe there is no after-life but who really know. Either way I don’t believe in a heaven and hell like Christians believe in. It would be nice to know we disappear when we die.

Over the years i have seen a satyr, an “alien”, a “ghost”, a light being, shadow people, a ufo.

What appeared to be a spirit took hold of my vision and became the movie i was watching, the guy turned around and began to grin and stare at me while he put his hands on his hips and started walking strangely, and very dark eyes.

I was also shocked painfully while what appeared to be a spirit appeared, and i was also burned while another spirit appeared, the burning even left two marks for awhile.

And a guy who claimed he was a witch made me hallucinate as well, it was alot like the “samuel” story, a vision induced by him.

After the crazy shyte i’ve seen there are spirits or people have found some wierd technology.

All of the things i’ve seen have been seen by people throughout the ages from everywhere.

I really don’t know what to believe anymore. Many people tell me that I am capable of Hallucinating so doctors give me powerful psychotropic medications to help make the Hallucinations go away. In the past I have seen Spirits, some very close to a cemetery. Were they Hallucinations? or am I sensitive to another dimension. There is a close connection to Shamanism and schizophrenia. It gets too complicated for me to even think about it.

WOW i truly believe her