Do you believe in some mystical things

Recently I met my cousin whose mother was sz, she passed away some years ago, but we had some ‘deep’ conversation and talked how some societies such as ours are peaceful, but the situation was not as peaceful in other places, even close to our society, such as Putin’s Russia today. As it happened at the night of this our little talk there was this ‘political’ killing in Moscow as you may have read in news. At the same night I woke up having a headache.

Nah man. Nothing mystical is going on here. If it was then it would be a science in itself. Coincidences, that is all they are.

For every other night you weren’t talking about the state of russia someone else probably was.

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Coincidences are fun sometimes but not always the most productive to be immersed in… Depends. If you like making connections and finding patterns I’d go into studying personality.

What makes this mystical may be that my cousin’s mother spent most of her years in psychiatric hospitals and when I visited her with my father back in 2003 in one closed psychiatric unit she was very happy that Putin was elected and talked proudly about it. Of course, we know what happened in Moscow to that Putin critic. Sometimes coincidences may just happen.

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Perhaps true…I personally wouldn’t connect a headache with a crime in a neighboring country that happened to be the same night i was talking about the situation in that country. At the very most i might think I was subconsciously picking up on the general conditions in that country…that’s about it. it’s one of those could be or could not be things…Now if someone had an actual vision or dream of the killing in Moscow before it happened or without knowing it happened that would certainly be something mystical.

But there is a kind of science involving mysticism…I know, a lot of scientists call it a pseudoscience.


some researchers are using new technologies to try to understand spiritual experience. They’re peering into our brains and studying our bodies to look for circumstantial evidence of a spiritual world.

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To say it is just a coincidence doesn’t explain why the headache impressed you, after all, if it would truly be a mere co-incidence, like me sitting behind my computer and a car driving by at the same time, it wouldn’t be impressive. What is impressive about the headache, i think, is the meaning it takes on in the context you described. It might become an expression of worry in this context, rather than a mere nuisance. The connections you made between the headache and the news and the discussion you had establish this meaning. They do not, however, cause the occurrence of the headache itself, but merely its interpretation that made it impressive to you. Upon reflection, we tend to forget the meaning of events (we take it no longer as ‘this impressive headache’ but as a ‘mere’ headache like others would objectively describe it) and take the connections we perceived to be responsible for the raw (objective) event itself. Now what caused us to be impressed with the headache is perceived as what caused the headache in the first place, and that must be a mystical link indeed. I think many mystical thought is rooted in such confusing of an objective and a subjective stance towards events and their causes.

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Honestly, I think there is a science, I guess you could say, to things of this nature. Although, I also think there’s a lot more going on that leaves bigger impressions on us that we usually aren’t aware of. Basically what I’m trying to say is, yes I do but I don’t think this particular event is more than just another event. I don’t see why it should be taken as anything more than what it appears to be on the surface, which leads me to believe it’s profoundness is entierly personal to you. Not good or bad, just what it is in my opinion.

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I do not know, but I have been following this Putin’s power evolution already since 1999. In 1999 I knew that Boris Yeltsin would resign already in France in March 1999 as he did in Dec 1999 and Putin came to power. I heard voices already at that time and when I told my opinion on Yeltsin to my former US spouse there in France I got a voice that I should start doing things for a Sheikh. Somehow I was connected to my sz aunt who was so pleased that Putin was elected, she often told me in my teens to visit her, this my aunt, my cousin’s mother was very intelligent in her early years, but sz took over her life. There is much more to this story. Maybe we are somehow connected to the power networks of the Kremlin

People by the way here were I am still do not know the difference between Russia and the Soviet Union. Often when they see a Soviet officer visor cap they say it is Russia, but Russia’s cap has a double-headed eagle and not the Red Star. These ghosts of the past will not take Russia to the new Soviet Union, but they may change Russia to the Imperial Russia as it was 100 years ago and before when my grandfather was born in Viborg under the Imperial Russia.

Life is mystical. There is no science to it. There are no coincendences.

Yes enjoy life enjoy the little things. Don’t make it too serious like I do make it fun and easy. Don’t play hard games you can’t win play little easy achievable games.

But what does that mean for you? Ideas would be art if we had a seventh sense, and to me art is enough of a purpose in itself, but we don’t have those senses developed to understand ideas that way, so ideas to our comprehension are not much without a follow through. If this is of the importance that’s being implied, you’ll be able to know what you have to do. So what is it you have to do?