Do you believe in prayers and church against schizophrenia?

my mother can be terrible sometimes. she told me once that maybe the devil visited me in the past because i am sick right now…

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Satan makes no sense…god knows everything but didn’t see the coup coming? And instead of killing him…he puts him in charge of punishing mortals …what…lol Satan’s a weenie anyway…

I’m sorry to hear that Anna1, it sure can be really tough…

Fire is the devils only friend -don McLean

I remember my grandpa was trying to help me get rid of my god and devil/demon voices. He is religious.

He told me that demons will never confess that jesus died and rose again from the dead.

And of course immediately my “demons or satan” confess what he said they wouldnt say.

Oh man I was scared for my life for months cuz they wouldn’t go away.

I remember working during that time. The demons (voices) just screaming at me to jump off the roof I was working on or push my coworker off or just yelling and laughing at me that they will never leave me.

Horrible times.

Until one day I learned about schizophrenia. Then it all began to make some sense.

No your not possessed :blush:

yeah, i should make my peace on what others say… i am quite angry right now. ive just felt my reason wow but it went away. i start to realize that life is not only euphoria, in fact i was looking for an euphoria from the meds… they dont work like this i guess wow…:slight_smile:

most people with sz and taking meds cant handle it, they get delusions and voices and its not good, i can handle it but i believe i am unique in this way, i think i piss a lot of people off here with my Christian beliefs and i dont blame them for being mad, when you have things like demons and the devil going around its hard not to be scared, i guess thats why it is easier just believing in nothing bc it is easier without that and believing you are God, who wants delusions of Grandeur anyway, i like angels and cherubs and the idea of heaven, i want to live forever, ok i’ll shut up now lol

I think church builds your foundations of becoming a better person perhaps, but I don’t believe it has some mystic link to curing schizophrenia. I wish it were that easy though, huh?

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that is so true, i dont believe there is any harm going to church but if you have sz it can really mess with your head, i am not surprised so many people here are against it, they are unwell and things like demons and all of that cant help, you need a really thick skin to be able to understand it and live it,

i am not against it but yes, I dont want to be guided by something which I dont feel still… I need a natural feelings in my life. yes, I am ill and probably I dont have peace… but in my head, I am lost @sickandsad, I dont know if I am a religious person or not…the religious people around me are good to me in fact, yes. they dont manipulate me on this basis. I am just saying that I dont know who I am anymore…

I am christian but I don’t buy the possessed idea instead of just being mentally ill…prayers help, but they don’t cure.

yeah, but it is typical for schizophrenia to have such a ‘‘lost’’ personality? I am to a point that I dont know which food I like. which people… I eat for example only by hunger, not by a real appetite…

I was agnostic before I became ill. New I am atheist. I believe in science. I believe in Collective Consciousness. Schizophrenia is a case of something physically being wrong with your brain just like having a broken arm on your body. If prayer works or contributes to wellness, it is for scientific reasons. That’s what I currently believe.

Prayers didn’t work for SZ. They also didn’t work for sexual assault when I was a kid. They’ve helped a bit with recovering from alcoholism, but I’m not religious and not praying to any sort of higher being.

Edit: I was praying to whoever/whatever when I was a kid. No use.

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yeah. maybe i am bad in a way but one schizophrenic girl told it to me to go in the church today if i have some fears. to order some prayers from the pastor… i got angry and i told her -’‘ok’’ and i stopped talking to her… she even doesn’t realize that i dont want to go in the church right now. my personality is ■■■■■■ up… not everybody can be religious, i want to feel what is inside me… plus, i am irascible, i need my reason back and in my case, prayers doesn’t help either…

you were also abused sexually as kid? me too… i think it influenced me a lot also… my mom denies it though…

my mother in law and my mom want me to get prayed over, but like with @velociraptor said I too prayed the sexual abuse would stop when I was a kid and it continued for four years. anyway i’m atheist like my partner. she is scared to tell her mom and my mom that we don’t believe in the power of prayers. friends on my facebook constantly say send a prayer to this person or this person amen if you believe stuff like that and yet i’m not allowed to put encouraging words for or from homosexual people on my time line or I get yelled at.

Why do you allow this person to continue being part of your life? Just … blech.

Edit: By ‘this person’ I mean the one who is anti-gay.

its people like my uncle, a friend and my mother in law.

Hi Anna1, I don’t know how important you think Angels are to someone’s faith in Jesus Christ, but the Orthodox Church is the only Church that draws Angels the way they really are- orange colored spirits. I am also Orthodox and Angels is one of the reasons why I choose to remain an Orthodox Christian.