Do you believe in prayers and church against schizophrenia?

one friend of mine told me to go to church to get prayers on me against my fears… yeah, I was always a little bit too much against the religion. i dont know who i am right now, maybe ill become religious one day but for the moment i dont love the churches anymore… wow… am i possessed? :/…

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You’re not possessed. There is no such thing as demons who possess humans. I personally am an agnostic, bordering on atheist. Haven’t gone to a church in more than a decade, except for visiting in foreign countries.
Religion is like placebo, it works to some extent only if you fiercely believe in it. But for schizophrenia I doubt it will work.

No you’re not possessed. I don’t believe in being possessed. I’m not a church goer so I don’t believe in that. The girl I’m talking to always says “Send prayers”. I find it cute. Although I’m not a pray-er, I play along. In aa they talk about prayer a lot, they say it can help.

in fact i feel a bit irritable when somebody sends me to the church in order to improve my symptoms… which is not normal either… i should show more humility towards the others beliefs. but i dont want to go to the church right now, it pisses me off kind of… in the hospital where i was, i was even afraid from the schizophrenics who were believers to a point of delirium… but that’s my problem, i know…

When I was psychotic it seemed like I was posessed for a bit sometimes… I actually thought about it and believed it.

So in my experience, it would be the other way around, I’m better now and I’m an atheist, so I guess atheism saved my life :smile: Or the almighty potato god, haven’t decided yet.


i dont really believe that i am possessed but i have some mystical fear from the religion still… its not normal also i think… i dont know what will be my path-religion or atheism… i am just angry a little bit sometimes…

Anything that reduces your symptoms is a plus. Religion is all about blessings, and we need them. Not religion but the blessings they offer us.

Religious display is a byproduct of the truth they each contain. If a religion says,“God is love” the meaning of it can free us from Schizophrenia in an absolute sense. We still have to live with sz’s affects but it’s no longer a constricting, dehumanising power that will in the end destroy us. Instead we are ‘healed’ and it can no longer threaten us in that ultimate sense. I think maybe that it was prayer is all about…

It’s possible to have sz and be religious, of course. In some cases it’s healthy.

Atheism and Jesus are both good in my book, so yeah - why not picking up what works for that moment.

I don’t think whatever our creator is is telling us to believe something particular but perhaps that there is more to this illusion of our dimension and to perhaps test our values and purpose… But I have been wrong once :grinning:

but the point is to believe in something isn’t it? even if its atheism?.. i dont know where from comes my anger when somebody talks to me to believe in god… it makes me afraid and angry in a way… otherwise, my mother talks to me to believe in god too… she is orthodox. my father was an atheist…

Atheism is the absense of belief in deities.

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but to have fear from religion does it mean that i am still delusional? i dont know where it comes from… maybe its my way to detach myself from my mother and i dont succeed it… she keeps talking to me about my sins etc etc

It seems like your mother is a bit oppressive. You can fake religiousness toward your mother, if she insists on it, but it looks to me like you’re not a believer and it’s totally OK, don’t doubt yourself.

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I do not believe in prayers and church to help with schizoprenia however about all the people I know in my life are religious. I get along with them cause without them I’d have no-one to talk to. Most religious people are good people so it is nice to have them around. The last time I’ve been to church was with my best friend’s funeral four months ago. I believe you can be religious and have sz. It was my believe system in Christianity that pulled me through most days before I was diagnosed. I moved away from religion after my diagnosis. I think what moved me away was my delusions of grandeur and the fact that the meds helped with my positive symptoms and not my religion.

No…when I was young I feared the devil…now I know it had nothing to do with religion…it only added more delusions…now I feel if I had ditched religion and got real help earlier I would be more functional now…

The reason I’ve told my family I’m Atheist is not quite for shock. It was at first.

It’s because the basis of my thinking has always been “But there is truth. And no amount of belief or unbelief can ever change that.”

If I ever told someone who believed in God that I was an Atheist, I really mean to say, “But don’t you think that’s cruel?”
“It really hurts when you’re there but someone doesn’t know you’re there.”

As for prayers and the like… Yeah that always gets me a little hot-blooded to hear. I had that reaction when I went to a hypnotherapist who asked me if I go to church and that I should.

And I have to laugh a little at Jez’s statement in Peep Show when he says, “The reason I don’t go to church is because for me everything is a church.” Of course he’s joking just to get some, but it’s a good statement regardless.

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What I like about some atheists is that goodness isn’t about fear of hell or a god. Its more selfless :grinning:

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If she keeps talking to you about your sins and stuff that makes you uncomfortable, maybe explain to her that you are responsible for your own beliefs. Proselytising is the worst.