~)@(~Do You Believe in God~)@(~

I Have Thus Itching Delusion.

That God is Real. But!, The People on Earth Keep Pushing God Away. And I Have Suffered Greatly The Consequences of My Faithful Belief in a Wise, Heartfelt, Loving, Hopeful Being.

God Created Everything. That All of Our Senses Can Reach. But!, I Jus Dunno Anymore.

Am I Right?.

Am I Wrong?.

What’s The Truth?. Why Do People Push Me Away From God?.

When All He Has Ever Done is Give Me Hope?.

Why is That Offensive to People?. The Love From God?.

Dear Forumer, Have You Ever Felt Love From God?.

Is God Even Real?.

I Jus Dunno Anymore.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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