Do you believe in Fate?


But I don’t have a selfie here


I thought I saw one at one time. Anyway sound like you have a beautiful soul.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Well this did cheer me up, thanks


Great…:hugs: 151415


I don’t believe in Fate. If it exists it has been cruel in giving me this illness. I don’t believe in it though. I still would like to think I can have a more normal life.

As for your case @mermaid1. I think you’ve mentioned your Korean suitor before. :smile: it sounds like he’s really into you but as others mentioned you might want to facetime or Skype him to get to know him better. It sounds like he might be infatuated with you. Anyway, good luck! Maybe you’ll have little Korean babies running around someday. (Just kidding.)



I like this one too. “What will be? What will be? What will be of my life, who knows?” In Italian


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